Realize your individual product vision with us


We support you in meeting your market requirements with tailor-made production systems. We supply you with technology that specifically meets your customers’ requirements. Relevant product properties are therefore consistently the focus of our technical development.

From standard plasterboards to boards with higher requirements on fire protection or moisture resistance -  we cover the diverse product range of plasterboards. With our many years of experience, our technical engineering, and our know-how we are happy to be your production and development partner for your individual plasterboard requirements.

From small-scale plants up to high-speed production lines, we supply facilities according to your capacity requirements.

Statement Chritsoph Habighorst plasterboards

“Modern building and design concepts with plasterboard inspire us and motivate us to ignite this raw material’s potential in manufacturing. That’s why we design production lines that ensure that your plasterboard performs as promised.”


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Robert Brier CEO of Grenzebach BSH GmbH
Service for production of plasterboards

Grenzebach goes into detail for precisely tailored solutions

Grenzebach takes a holistic approach to the production of plasterboard and achieves the highest production quality through detailed fine-tuning: with in-depth raw material analyses and tests in our own test facilities, we support you to develop your individual formulation. Thanks to our experience with over 300 projects, we can tailor drying and transport techniques as well as stacking solutions to your production capacities.


Grenzebach: Full-line supplier for plasterboard production


Technologies from Grenzebach cover the production of plasterboard in a harmoniously structured process, holistically and at a consistent quality level. From calcination to drying and stacking, we equip all process steps with tailor-made plant components that are dimensioned according to your capacity requirements. Our innovative solutions reflect the state of the art and optimally prepare you for future developments.

Seamless integration into your value chain:

Depending on your individual requirements, we can execute

  • concepts for new plants
  • the expansion of existing infrastructures
  • the integration of individual machines
  • the retrofit of your existing equipment
Full-line supplier plasterboard production

Calcining system

Mixing and forming

Paper handling

Stacking and packaging

Forming belt

Board dryer



Drum Cooler

Calcining system
Mixing and forming
Paper handling
Stacking and packaging
Forming belt
Board dryer
Drum Cooler

A project of superlatives: XINFA and Grenzebach set new standards in plasterboard production

Success Story

XINFA Group enters the Chinese plasterboard market with an annual output of 120 million square meters. XINFA relies on Grenzebach’s know-how for the efficient processing of synthetic gypsum from its power stations.

Spanish market for gypsum plasterboard captured quickly in a joint effort

success story

Grenzebach provided comprehensive support to the Spanish gypsum specialist Escayescos in setting up its own production line for high-quality plasterboard – maximum cost-effectiveness and energy efficiency right from the start.


Plasterboard Plant

Plasterboard plant drum cooler

Drum cooler

After the calcination, the drum cooler provides consistent production conditions for the further processing into plasterboards.

Plasterboard plant dryer


Dryer technologies play a quality-defining role in the production process. Precisely fitting drying technologies ensure gentle drying of the plasterboard.

Plasterboard plant control concepts

Control concepts

State-of-the-art control concepts ensure that production plants for panel materials operate efficiently. Grenzebach offers cutting-edge control technology with an intelligent operating structure that is characterized by fast response, reliability and user-friendly application.

Process efficiency through heat recovery

Process efficiency through heat recovery: Grenzebach enables sustainability

Technologies from Grenzebach are built on the responsible use of valuable resources. The conscious use of energy plays an important role in the development of our systems. The integration of heat exchangers is therefore standard for us and enables you to achieve an efficient energy yield.

Digitalization solutions for gypsum industry

Digitalization solutions from Grenzebach lead the gypsum industry into the future

Grenzebach is continuously working to make production processes even more efficient. We use the potential of digitalization to collect data in a structured way and offer you additional evaluation options. As an impulse generator, thinker, and problem solver, we develop digital solutions that strengthen your market presence. Make the most of our know-how and shape tomorrow’s plaster production with us.

Digitalization solutions
Services for the gypsum production

Our Services for your gypsum production plant


Design, construction, and commissioning of a new gypsum production line are only the first steps in a good customer relationship. Professional service in day-to-day operation is just as important: we want your investment to be consistently profitable – that's why our engineers are there to help and advise you throughout the entire lifecycle of the plant.

Grenzebach as a service partner
Service for production of plasterboards

Your partner on the road to success


Far beyond the planning and implementation of a plasterboard plant, Grenzebach supports its customers holistically, right before and during the market entry phase. Our experts

  • advise you on the financing of your project
  • support the planning of buildings and infrastructure
  • clarify questions about downstream logistics processes
  • make their know-how available during market entry
  • provide recommendations for personnel planning
  • assist you with the procurement of materials
  • take care of installation and commissioning

Our Services have already enabled many newcomers to get off to a successful start in the world of plasterboard production.

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