What is casting and where is it used?

Casting manufacturing process

Casting is a manufacturing process which was already utilized in the Copper Age to produce casting parts from liquid, molten metal. During this process, metals are melted and then molded while still in a liquid state. This manufacturing process is still popular today due to its high reproducibility and good material utilization. From manhole covers to aircraft engines – castings find use in a wide variety of areas.

Choose Grenzebach to manufacture your industrial castings

  • From the initial drawing to series production: With us, you get the complete package, from consulting, design, casting and machining to packaging and supply – precisely what you need.
  • From continent to continent: After joint definition of the product in Europe, we manufacture for you in China. The castings are machined according to European and international quality requirements.
  • Service from A to Z: Our belief is that mapping the complete supply chain means clarifying every detail and every concern for you. You receive the finished castings wherever you need them.
  • From us for you: For years, renowned customers in the automation industry have relied on Grenzebach: profound experience, earned trust. We use our knowledge to your advantage.

Our range of services: Supply chain from a single source

High-quality castings for individual and optimized serial production

Grenzebach selects the ideal casting process for customers and works together with numerous foundries.

We select the appropriate casting process for your component together with you. For years, we have been working with several foundries in China.

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The casting parts are further processed in the machining centers.

In the Grenzebach machining center, the castings are given the right finishing touches. There, the cast product becomes a high-quality component.

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Quality control of the casting parts is an essential step in the process for Grenzebach.

We carry out quality controls and inspections according to customer requirements. This involves individual part tracking with the production profile so that we can quickly follow up on deviations.

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Grenzebach takes care of the entire logistics upon request.

Professional packaging and optimal delivery – that is just part of our job. You can rely on the fastest, most flexible transport possible – worldwide.

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How is a casting made? What can we do for you?

Whether for a construction machine, a wind turbine or for robotics, if you approach us with an idea or a drawing for a casting, we'll move forward step by step to series production together. Grenzebach's specialists are in close contact with the foundry right from the start of the process.

  • Consulting, optimization and design
  • Selection of casting processes and materials consulting
  • Simulation and detailed calculation
  • Initial sample: Construction of the sample casting mold with 3D printing
  • Mold and pattern making

In just a few months, what starts with an initial sample turns into individual, optimized series production of high-quality castings.

50 g - 17,000 kg

From filigree to very heavy: We can produce castings in all weight classes.

1.5 million castings

Grenzebach produces a whole lot of castings every year. And we can produce even more, if you want!

30 mm - 6 m

For our customers, we work with cast products of all sizes.

7 days a week

We manufacture and machine on a three-shift system, for just-in-time deliveries and maximum availability.

The case study compares casting parts and conventional machining of parts.

Casting parts vs. conventional machining of parts

Case Study

A new component, the motor flange, was developed for the further development of conveyor technology. Designers and product developers questioned how the new workpiece could be manufactured quickly, reliably and economically.

Casting or machining: Learn which manufacturing process delivers optimum quality at the lowest possible cost in our case study.

Castings for renewable energies
Castings for robotics

What applications and industries do we supply with metal castings?

Whether for renewable energies or robust robots, castings are used in more areas than ever before. We supply high-precision industrial castings for numerous industries and applications:

  • Automation industry: gearbox flanges, base frames for guide rails, clamping devices, etc.
  • Robotics: arms, housings, axles, etc.
  • Renewable energies: housings, gear components and bearing covers for wind turbines, etc.
  • Construction machinery: track rollers, gear components, lids, joint parts, etc.
  • Agricultural technology: beams, brackets, housings, joint parts, etc.

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