Our contribution to environmental and climate protection: Sustainable. Far-reaching. Forward-looking.

Our enthusiasm for innovative technologies goes hand in hand with our desire to protect the environment. We reconcile economic and ecological thinking and actions. We think globally and act locally. We think ahead and strive to do more than is required by law when it comes to protecting the environment and mitigating climate change while making sure that we use energy in a sensible manner.

Environmentally friendly use of resources for environmental sustainability

As a matter of principle for the environment and nature

Sustainability manifests itself at Grenzebach in numerous different ways – from the foresighted use of resources to the use of environmentally friendly materials and products to the conscious use of energy. We aim to develop the best possible solutions for our customers while at the same time ensuring that technological progress is sustainable.

In practice, this means that we use resources carefully, both at our facilities and those of our customers. The Grenzebach Group’s environmental management system and energy management system foster our employees’ understanding of environmental protection and climate change mitigation worldwide in various areas.

We promote environmental sustainability by:

  • Using resources efficiently
  • Using energy wisely
  • Enhancing and minimizing our impact on the environment worldwide
  • Taking proactive steps to protect the environment and combat climate change
  • Ensuring that supply chains are sustainable

We review and implement sustainability improvements to our supply chains along our entire value chain to make each product and the company as a whole more climate-friendly.

Committed to a healthy environment and sensible energy consumption

Our environmental management system

Taking a stand for greater sustainability – our environmental management system fosters employees’ understanding of environmentally relevant issues on the one hand and, on the other, helps us to be more proactive in protecting the environment at all our sites.

Grenzebach implements various actions to reduce its environmental impact over the long term. For example, we are constantly innovating in order to leverage energy-saving technologies for our machines and systems and maintain an open dialogue with the public.

DIN EN ISO 14001 | environmental management system

Energy management system

Our energy management system supports and fosters our employees’ awareness of our use and consumption of energy.

Our efforts facilitate ongoing and systematic improvements to our energy efficiency. For example, Grenzebach operates a 200 kWp solar power system on the roofs of its buildings in Hamlar for its electricity consumption and reduces wasteful electricity consumption by installing intelligent and resource-friendly air compressor systems.

DIN EN ISO 50001 | Energy management system

How does Grenzebach contribute to environmental and climate protection?

Improving our energy footprint and cost-effectiveness

Improving our energy footprint and cost-effectiveness

Increasing customers’ sustainability

Grenzebach continuously enhances the performance and energy efficiency of its high-tech systems to meet its ecological and economic responsibility to the environment and climate.

Through a range of innovative improvements, the company has succeeded in reducing the electricity consumption of cutting and stacking technology on float glass lines, also known as the “cold end,” by around 25 percent since the mid-1970s. Compressed air consumption also fell by a quarter in the same period. 

This not only conserves financial resources but also cuts carbon emissions.

Float Glass
Clever usage of lost energy

Clever usage of lost energy

Waste heat recovery

The production of glass has always required a significant amount of energy. The main reason for this is the comparatively inefficient glass melting process. This is where the innovative waste heat recovery process (WHR) comes in. WHR systems use waste heat to generate electricity as well as heating and cooling energy for the process and air-conditioning purposes. Grenzebach and CNUD EFCO GFT’s patented WHR solution helps meet climate goals, conserve resources, and operate cost-effectively.

Advantage Waste Heat Recovery
Insulation materials for eco-friendly construction and living

Insulation materials for eco-friendly construction and living

Production technology – insulation materials

Countless insulation materials hold the promise of reducing energy consumption. Grenzebach supplies the complete production technology for the manufacture of organic or conventional, fire-resistant insulation materials – in other words, virtually all the building materials needed to construct an energy-efficient and modern house. In this context, wood chips or sawdust are transformed into high-quality, environmentally friendly, and easy-to-use materials for the insulation of buildings. Yesterday’s newspaper becomes today’s cellulose insulation material which can be installed as blown-in insulation or insulation board.

Insulation Materials
Environmentally friendly production processes

Environmentally friendly production processes

Friction stir welding – zero noise, zero debris, and zero environmental impact

The use of FSW systems creates a safe working environment for employees, as this process does not generate dust, gases, or noise. Process materials such as shielding gas, powder, or welding wire are not required. In addition, it consumes much less energy than conventional welding processes and is also emission-free.

Numerous industries rely on this “green” Grenzebach technology. Especially in the context of e-mobility, our FSW solution lives up to the slogan “green technology for a green future.”

Friction Stir Welding
Remote service instead of travel

Remote service instead of travel

We live service. Around the clock. Around the globe.

Grenzebach is a reliable partner that supports you throughout the entire product lifecycle. Providing first-class service doesn’t always require an on-site visit. Whenever possible, our service team avoids unnecessary travel, thus helping to protect the environment and combat climate change. We have been performing various maintenance and repair activities, upgrades, and modernizations via remote maintenance for many years. The cornerstone and platform for these activities is our innovative, digital SERICY collaboration app, which enables us to work together across locations. Our specialists connect to your system remotely, detect and analyze sources of error, eliminate malfunctions, and install updates.

For you. For the environment. For the climate. Grenzebach is committed to environmental and economic sustainability in every phase of your project.

Harnessing the power of the sun

Harnessing the power of the sun

Generating electricity with solar panels

Why don’t we harness the power of the sun? Grenzebach found an answer to this question early on, installing the first solar power system in Hamlar in 2005. More solar power installations followed in the subsequent years:

  • Solar panels on Grenzebach company buildings in Hamlar and Bad Hersfeld
  • Total capacity of the systems: 1.2 MW
  • Annual yield: more than 950 megawatt hours
  • Carbon emissions saved: around 550 tons
  • These systems can supply approx. 220 single-family homes with electricity per year

We’re already thinking today about tomorrow. Renewable energy is incorporated into all renovation measures right from the very beginning.

Phosphorus recovery from sewage sludge

Phosphorus recovery from sewage sludge

Phosphorus recovery – securing a livable future

Phosphorus is a finite resource. In order to preserve this vital raw material for future generations, Grenzebach is working with experts from the worlds of research and industry to develop a practical process for recovering phosphorus from wastewater sludge.

Throughout the entire process chain, we strive to recover phosphorus in an environmentally friendly and efficient way. For example, we want to reduce the use of chemicals in the process to a minimum and reuse the resulting waste heat to dry the sewage sludge.

Exploiting these secondary raw material sources means that the valuable raw material phosphorus will no longer have to be imported from other countries. This is a technology that is entirely in line with our values, as it conserves resources and improves our carbon footprint.


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