Consulting and development of an individual  solution concept for 3D printing systems

Customized solutions for additive manufacturing with metal and polymer

We develop approaches that precisely fit your individual production processes. For customized automation of your additive manufacturing.



Customized automation solutions for your 3D printing equipment

We work closely with manufacturers of 3D printers and post-processing equipment to provide you with holistic solutions that are perfectly tailored to your requirements.

To find the best approach for your company, we first analyze your needs and then develop a concept that is precisely tailored to your internal processes. For efficient production, we place particular emphasis on integrating existing machines into an optimized manufacturing process.

Our range of services for individual automation solutions includes not only the needs analysis but also a simulation of the concept. For a successful start and smooth implementation process, we train you and your employees as required. We also assist you worldwide with the installation and commissioning of your customized solution. Our experienced technicians are on site for you to provide the integration of the new processes into your existing production environment.

Grenzebach offers service around the clock

Grenzebach comprehensive service: every day, all year round

The start of automated additive manufacturing in your company is by no means the end of our cooperation: even afterwards, you can rely on the Grenzebach service promise. Our support team is always available to help you with questions and challenges.

With us, you will find the right solution

At Grenzebach, we specialize in customized automation solutions. With our solutions, you can make your production more efficient, achieve higher precision, and improve the quality of your products. Contact us today to automate and optimize your additive manufacturing with metal and polymer.