Driving the horizontal and vertical energy transition in Europe and the world

In many countries, the focus of politics, business, and society is on the rapid and vigorous expansion of renewable energies. The goals for renewable energy are ambitious and the global political situation is also speeding up the process of becoming independent of fossil fuels. The sun has a special role in the energy mix, being the most powerful energy source of all. Photovoltaics generate electricity; solar thermal heat.

For years, Grenzebach has been putting a lot of innovative energy into production technologies that harness the power of the sun. Production lines for manufacturing patterned glass

Patterned glass for solar modules:

Due to its light-focusing structure, high light transmission, and low reflection, this material is ideal as front glass in PV modules. Grenzebach supplies the optimal production technology for float glass and has decades of experience.

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Thin film technology

We take on the planning and complete automation of thin-film solar production systems. The focus is on high-precision and gentle handling of the sensitive substrates. We concentrate on conveyor technology and the backend for CIGS and CdTe modules.

Technology for thin-film solar modules


Worldwide, more than 40 Grenzebach thin film lines have been installed for CIGS and CdTe technologies. Our portfolio ranges from conveyance and buffering technology to in-house developed MES systems.

Front end
The front end of the line produces the substrate. In addition to tracking the substrate ID, the temperature and cleanroom parameters are monitored. Our state-of-the-art inspection systems ensure a high-quality standard. Storage systems for interim buffering at the coating and structuring processes increase the overall throughput through the front end.

Back end
In the back end of line, the module is produced from the individual substrates. Laser edge deletion, film unwinding, pairing, film trimming and J-Box installation are key processes of our back end. Tailored back rail applications, as well as packaging and warehouse systems, complete our back end product range.

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Glass technology

Our expertise in float glass production

Profound knowledge and decades of experience deliver their full potential: Together, Grenzebach and CNUD EFCO create added value for the international glass industry. Consolidated expertise in flat glass production means innovative technologies, which are optimized through digitalization and energy-efficient operation for the future.

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Our glass customers’ key objectives are to raise product quality, increase output and improve resource efficiency. We’re offering glass manufacturers the opportunity to revolutionize their value creation processes. Industry 4.0 creates ecosystems where data-based solutions facilitate glass production in tomorrow’s world.

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