Your tailor-made gypsum block – high-performance for fast and efficient interior construction


Stable, flexible, and quick to use, gypsum blocks have to meet specific requirements to function as partition walls, supporting cladding or shaft walls. To fulfill your product promise, Grenzebach supports you with comprehensive process knowledge and technologies for gypsum block production. Based on your individual specifications regarding block thickness, format, and joint connection, we provide you with the required production solutions to make your individual gypsum blocks. With differentiated technologies designed for this purpose, we enable you to manufacture

  • solid and hollow blocks
  • blocks with tongue and groove
  • blocks with high sound insulation and fire resistance
50 - 120 mm

possible block thickness

500 x 666 mm

the ideal size of a gypsum block

Full-line partner gypsum blocks

Full-service partner from the preparing station to automated packaging


Grenzebach accompanies you with proven know-how and extensive experience throughout the entire block production process. Our technologies cover the preparation and forming of the materials as well as drying and packaging and all handling within the plant. We provide consulting services in our role as a full-service partner and deliver comprehensive services in the following areas:

  • Raw material – analyses and supplementary practical tests
  • Engineering – individual concepts and processes structured according to requirements
  • Plant technology – high-precision dosing and process systems and requirement-specific degrees of automation
  • Integration with your infrastructure – individual or full-line solutions that are optimally matched to your building and site infrastructure
600 - 1750 m²/day

and even more can be produced with our equipment.



Gypsum wallboard

Preparing station and mixer

Dosing and mixing stations from Grenzebach combine water, stucco, and additives to form an optimally balanced slurry. The integrated, tiltable mixer operates fully automatically and distributes the slurry evenly to all chambers of the forming machine.

Forming machine

Forming machines give the block its form and surface finish. A Grenzebach forming machine is equipped with chambers made of stainless steel whose product-carrying surfaces are hard-chrome-plated, ground and mirror-polished. This makes it possible to perfectly form a dimensionally accurate gypsum wall block. A cost-effective alternative is equipment with the base and side profiles made of plastic.

Drying (natural and technical)

For drying the gypsum blocks two different methods have proven their worth: Natural drying, over several days, is suitable in particular in optimum climatic conditions with favorable outdoor temperatures and air humidity levels. Alternatively, technical drying at controlled temperatures and with optimum air flows provides for precise and uniform drying of the blocks within a few hours.


Heat recovery system in technical drying

For sustainable use of valuable resources, Grenzebach combines drying processes with an efficient heat recovery system. Heat recovery technologies can be integrated into technical drying processes. Recovered heat can be fed back into the drying process, significantly reducing energy consumption.

Block handling

Grenzebach technology optimizes the process flow by means of solutions that enable efficient handling of the gypsum blocks. Interlocking processing steps simplify the processes and integrate perfectly into the production environment. Depending on the degree of automation, the blocks can be guided fully automatically through the individual process steps using grabs and trolleys.


Automation solutions from Grenzebach also optimize the packaging process at the end of the production line. Depending on customer requirements, the blocks can be stacked on pallets, wrapped in film, or in addition the pallets can be shrink-wrapped in thermosetting film.

Service gypsum lifecycle partner

Our performance promise in project management: holistically thought-out for your goals

Grenzebach is much more than just a supplier. We develop a deep understanding of your goals and design customized solutions, which we verify through testing at an early stage of the project. The results of our engineering services are integrated plant technologies that are perfectly matched to your product and capacity ideas – even when it comes to block sizes that do not fit defined standard specifications and to individual production processes with specific degrees of automation. Convince yourself of our comprehensive quality promise:


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