Metrology - good data means better results

Float glass production

As a glass manufacturer, a stable production process is more important than ever these days. Grenzebach’s inspection and measurement procedures stand for advanced control methods and top product quality.

Good data means better results

The data captured are fed back into the production process. They help spot departures from processes at an early stage and trend analyses of recurring problems reduce losses. The production process is fully transparent and full complete product analysis is possible. 

The following aspects are measured in real time:

  • Contours and sizes
  • Edges
  • Position of the glass ribbon
  • Thickness of glass and layers
  • Stresses
  • Temperature
  • Quality
  • Surface quality
Measurement and inspection
Data gathering and analysis

Data from the complete production line

Grenzebach’s integrated approach permits analyses to be made and conclusions drawn about the whole production process. And customers have the benefit of faster response times with minimal use of resources.

Product Traceability

Product Traceability

Staying on track

If an item of glass in a high-rise facade needs replacing, then product traceability is invaluable. All the information and data generated along the value chain can be captured and used. The ability to associate this information with basic sheets of glass and the products these are turned into allows stakeholders in the glass ecosystem to trace the whole process, starting from the production line to the warehouse and all the way to the consumer. This is a huge asset and the foundation for continual improvement.

Service for the glass industry


The engineering and commissioning of a new system are the first steps towards a successful glass line. Professional service in daily business is just as important - which is why we are at your side throughout the system’s entire life cycle.


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