Navigation of automated guided vehicles

In addition to autonomous locomotion, automated guided vehicles (AGVs) in intralogistics are also characterized by their intelligent navigation and route planning. Successful navigation also includes reliable localization, which relays the vehicle's current position to the superordinate control system in order to coordinate the vehicle to its destination.



More efficiency and safety through intelligent navigation

Navigation is an important aspect of automation with automated guided vehicles (AGVs). Therefore, these are equipped with intelligent control software that coordinates localization and communication within the entire system environment. Various technologies are used such as laser or infrared sensors, cameras, and GPS. 

The software then processes the data from the sensors to calculate the best route, keeping vehicles safely on the right path and avoiding collisions. Thus, navigation technology makes it possible to perform tasks along the entire process more efficiently and precisely than manual systems. 

Hence, effective navigation can make a significant contribution to the automation and optimization of intralogistics processes.

Automation with the help of clever navigation

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