Fire safety for automated guided vehicles

With the automated guided vehicles (AGVs) Grenzebach, personal safety and fire protection are kept in mind from the very beginning. If you choose our products, you will demonstrably increase the safety of your team and the entire company permanently.



Fire safety is an indispensable part of intralogistics

Fire safety plays an essential role in your company's intralogistics. Grenzebach offers the option to use our optional control module to remove your automated guided vehicles from areas where they are not allowed to travel in case of a fire as soon as the alarm sounds. In addition, an external device can be connected to the Fleet Manager (FMS) and send a signal to the vehicles.  

For this reason, Grenzebach's automated guided vehicles (AGVs) are equipped with special components that offer the highest possible fire protection. They comply with the relevant DIN EN 1175 standard. This stipulates that all circuits that are connected to the 48 V battery and electrically connected to the energy source may have no connection to the chassis. All control components that are supplied with a voltage of less than or equal to 24 V are also electrically isolated from the battery voltage.