Float glass production conveying technology

Conveying technology - seamless conveying

Float glass production: Cold End

Our broad portfolio of conveying solutions connects each step in the production line to form a sophisticated and fluid system.

Our technology conveys glass gently and precisely – even over distances greater than 100 meters or 110 yards. Furthermore, our conveying solutions operate smoothly and have long service lives too.

  • Conveying systems with specific functions
  • Robust, durable, efficient, low on maintenance and emissions
  • Ideal, steady material flows

We also have experience with providing tailor-made solutions, such as cleaning devices, or handling customized glass widths of up to six meters or approx. 19.7 foot. We’ll do everything needed to ensure glass is conveyed without any scratches or residues left behind.


Efficiency through further development of conveyor technology

Conveying technology: even more dynamic, even more robust

New generation

Transporting glass gently, carefully and safely has always been one of Grenzebach's top priorities.

The specially developed drive train without cardan shafts represents a major step forward. The number of components in the drive has been significantly reduced - cardan shafts and belts are a thing of the past. This now results in even greater dynamics, less maintenance work and a lower spare parts inventory. The new drive train also offers the possibility of connecting all engines directly, which ensures smoother running and higher positioning accuracy. Gentle glass transport all along the line!

Thanks to its new design, compact construction and transparent covers, the new conveyor technology generation also provides a clear view of key components and fast access for maintenance work. Of course, existing systems can be equipped with the new conveyor technology so that everyone can benefit from the advantages.


“The most important thing for us has always been to transport glass gently and safely through the cutting and stacking processes in order to help you achieve the maximum yields. We have taken a big step into the future with our next generation of conveyors.”


Statement by Markus Schmid on conveying technology
Markus Schmid Senior Manager Mechanical Concept Engineering at Grenzebach Maschinenbau GmbH
Intralogistics solutions in glass production

Integrated production logistics


Want to interconnect stations on the glass production line, create links from the cold end to the warehouse or from the production line to temporary storage space? As far as we’re concerned, the sky’s the limit. The factory of the future will revolve around automation concepts that learn as they go along. Traditional conveying technology will grow to increasingly embrace modern robotics and automatic guided vehicles (AGVs), which are autonomous and boast a high level of availability. Automatic guided vehicles enable sustainable flexibility of processes. For example, our software also allows route planning of forklifts and AGVs.

Grenzebach increases efficiently by guaranteeing that the right products are in the right place at the right time.

Intralogistics solutions
Service for the glass industry


The engineering and commissioning of a new system are the first steps towards a successful glass line. Professional service in daily business is just as important - which is why we are at your side throughout the system’s entire life cycle.


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