We specialize in the automation of selective laser melting (SLM) systems. Selective laser melting is an additive manufacturing technology that enables the melting of powder materials in layers with the help of selective application of binding agents. This technology can be used to produce complex and high-quality components with high precision. Our automation solutions enable you to use your SLM technology with maximum efficiency.

Solutions and products for metal fabrication systems

We offer thoughtful solutions for automating your 3D metal printing in these areas:

Success Storys & Case Studies

Highly efficient DPS NXG depowdering system for SLM printers

With the highly efficient DPS NXG depowdering station for components weighing up to 2.3 tons, SLM Solutions and Grenzebach are setting new standards in the automation of 3D printing metal components.

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Automated process linking for the aviation industry with metal powder

Grenzebach contributed to the successful innovation project NextGenAM (Next Generation Additive Manufacturing) as solution supplier of EOS.

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Grenzebach offers service around the clock

Grenzebach service

We offer a comprehensive support service that is available to you 365 days a year, around the clock, and worldwide. As your reliable partner, we support you in all aspects of the automation of your 3D metal printing, from planning and commissioning over the entire service life of your system.

We support you in the automation of your processes

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