Depowdering solution for metal powder

Depowdering solutions for additive manufacturing with metal

Our depowdering solutions enable you to remove 3D printing metal powder safely and efficiently in additive manufacturing. Automating this process enables safe depowdering of your printed products in the build box.


Depowdering systems by Grenzebach

By using our depowdering systems, such as the Dual Setup Station, downtime of your industrial 3D printers caused by cooling, unpacking and setup can be reduced. This increases the utilization of your additive manufacturing with metal powder. Productivity is boosted, and manual labor is reduced, leading to a significant reduction in unit costs per part. Grenzebach's automation solutions pay for themselves within a short period of time.

In addition, employee risk is minimized, as dust loads and hazards from hot objects are reduced. This reduces costly technical protective measures and personal protective equipment. The physical strain on machine operators is also significantly decreased by the elimination of heavy or hot component transport and open powder handling.

Your advantages at a glance:

Increased productivity

through fully automatic loading and unloading of the build boxes

Reduced downtime

through exchange of the build boxes with the use of buffer stations


Increased ergonomics

through ergonomic depowdering while the next build job is already running

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Depowdering solutions and more

At Grenzebach, we offer customized automation solutions for additive manufacturing. Processes such as depowdering run quickly, reliably, and economically, increasing both efficiency and product quality of your business. Contact our team today and benefit from our solutions for depowdering during metal 3D printing.