Alongside an attractive remuneration model, Grenzebach offers you an all-round package with specific offers, additional services and benefits. Discover our Corporate Benefits for Europe!

Germany, Hamlar: Grenzebach Maschinenbau GmbH

Germany, Hamlar: Grenzebach Maschinenbau GmbH

Perfectly equipped with the Hamlar all-round package

  • Discovering the world by bike: we want to support this with our bike leasing offers. Our employees can lease up to two bicycles from Grenzebach for three years. Benefit from our discounted offers including insurance against theft, wear and tear, etc.
  • Having good prospects for your own future: Grenzebach also offers a company pension scheme with an employer subsidy – together with Allianz as our partner
  • Being well-fed during lunch time: Our in-house cafeteria provides you with a variety of hot and cold meals every day, which Grenzebach also subsidizes
  • Staying flexible: with our mobile working options, 30 days of vacation as well as our flexible working hours
  • Securing additional financial benefits: including vacation and Christmas bonuses in accordance with the collective agreement and our general pay scale
  • Having the perfect start: We support you in your onboarding with our mentoring system, among other things, meaning that you will have a central contact person during your first few weeks at Grenzebach and will be familiarized with your new area of responsibility


Development & qualification – because training means growing together as a Grenzebach team

  • Choose from a wide range of training options: Our internal Grenzebach ACADEMY training catalog gives you a range of courses, seminars, and training sessions every six months on topics such as personal development, sales skills, and health promotion
  • Developing knowledge together: We make this possible, among other things, with our seminars held by colleagues from our national and international locations (e.g. on intercultural competence for China)
  • Mapping out your professional future with the Grenzebach training contract: Grenzebach offers you financial support for further professional training (e.g. technician (m/f/d), master craftsperson (m/f/d), specialist or business economist (m/f/d))
  • Actively using career prospects: In the course of your expert or management career, Grenzebach provides individual and practice-oriented development programs, such as our New Leaders Onboarding Program, to prepare you optimally for your new area of responsibility
  • Optimally supported in the transfer from theory to practice: Our Grenzebach training programs are closely linked to our own projects so that you can combine learning and working
  • Having your development partner at your side: Our experts for development and qualification will advise, support, and accompany you during your training at Grenzebach
  • Keeping in constant contact: We consider feedback to be an integral part of our joint development - be it in annual employee performance reviews, feedback forms for training courses and seminars, or in transfer meetings before, during, and after your development measures


Health & Well-being – staying fit for the future together.

  • Keeping calm under stress: Through our annual stress prevention measures such as our stress pilot, yoga classes, back training, and lectures on good sleep
  • Checking your health: Once a year, you have the opportunity, for example, to have your blood count checked
  • Strengthening your health: e.g. with annual flu vaccinations
  • A strong partner at your side: AOK Donauwörth is your expert health partner for preventive measures
  • Staying focused with Grenzebach: Anyone can have a free annual G-37 examination (e.g. for VDU glasses) or a general eye test in the Apollo truck. Apollo offers our Grenzebach employees a personal discount on their next pair of glasses
  • Staying fit for the future: We support you with our annual cycling event (with the chance of winning great prizes) or by taking part in the MNet run with Team Grenzebach
  • Considering feedback an integral part: We encourage this by conducting employee surveys on the subject of health and well-being. Your feedback serves as our valuable basis for tailoring our offers to your needs and providing you with the best possible support in your area of responsibility at Grenzebach
Germany, Bad Hersfeld: Grenzebach BSH GmbH

Germany, Bad Hersfeld: Grenzebach BSH GmbH

Perfectly equipped with the Bad Hersfeld all-round package

  • Flexible working hours: Stay flexible thanks to flexible working hours, mobile working, and a healthy work-life balance – with a 35-hour week based on a collective agreement
  • Pension scheme: Grenzebach's company pension scheme with an employer subsidy is an important component in insuring your standard of living after retirement. You can also take advantage of partial retirement
  • Other compensations: We show our special appreciation with other bonuses or compensate additional expenses for specific occasions (e.g. Sunday, holiday, and night bonuses)
  • Other bonuses: We offer vacation and Christmas bonuses as well as other collectively agreed special payments
  • Bike leasing: Grenzebach provides you with special bicycle leasing offers so that you can explore the world by bike. You can lease up to two bicycles from Grenzebach for three years. Benefit from our discounted offers including insurance against theft, wear and tear, etc.
  • Onboarding program: We have designed a special onboarding program for newcomers so that you can achieve your full potential right from the start. A mentor will support you intensively during your first weeks and months at Grenzebach
  • Team events: Working at Grenzebach means being part of a global family. We celebrate our successes in big and small ways, at team events, company parties, or social events, such as the Lollslauf

Development & qualification – because training means growing as a team

  • Training offers: We believe that lifelong learning is the key to your personal and professional success. We support you with a range of courses, seminars, and training sessions on topics such as personal development, specialist and sales skills, and health management – both digitally and on-site
  • Grenzebach ACADEMY: We work together on your personal Grenzebach journey. Individual training programs and practical training are important here. You can find further training offers in our Grenzebach ACADEMY training catalog
  • Working abroad: We are an internationally active group of companies and offer you international development opportunities either project-specific or for a longer period, depending on your requirements
  • Horizontal and vertical development: We offer you individual and practice-oriented development and support programs, such as our New Leaders Onboarding Program, to prepare you optimally for your new area of responsibility, regardless of whether you want to develop horizontally or vertically

Health & Well-being – staying fit for the future together

  • Catering: Our cafeteria serves healthy and varied hot and cold meals every day, for which we provide a subsidy
  • Prevention programs: We are a responsible employer and prepare you for the future with prevention programs for your health. We focus particularly on the topics of exercise, nutrition, and mental health
  • Healthy work environment: At Grenzebach, we aim for a modern, healthy, and safe working environment, meaning that ergonomic workstations are essential for us. We also pay attention to your personal requirements, the features of the room and, the technical equipment
  • Working atmosphere: We are certain that only those who feel completely at home with us will work with enthusiasm. We believe in short communication channels, independent work, and respectful cooperation based on partnership
Germany, Stuttgart: inos Automationssoftware GmbH

Germany, Stuttgart: inos Automationssoftware GmbH

Our corporate culture is characterized by transparency, appreciation and respect. You have the opportunity to drive forward new developments and projects for our customers to further automate production processes, improve quality and increase efficiency.


Flexible working hours and mobile working: Flexible working time models allow employees to adapt their working hours to their personal needs.

  • Option to work remotely
  • Flexible working hours for a better work-life balance


Company car and travel expenses: Employees frequently working on site with customers can benefit from a company car and reimbursement of travel expenses.

  • Company car for business and private use
  • Reimbursement of kilometer allowance and accommodation costs for business trips


Various projects and challenges (Field Engineer & Project Manager): Opportunities to work on different projects and technical challenges.

  • Implementing projects throughout Germany. Also internationally, upon request
  • Implementing projects with renowned OEMs
  • Comprehensive and challenging product range


Various further training options: We provide our employees with the opportunity to develop their skills in various fields.

  • Extensive training catalog to broaden knowledge
  • Taking responsibility for more complex projects and systems


Career options: The commissioning engineer position is an opportunity to develop your skills in various areas.

  • Further development as a technical specialist (m/f/d)
  • Further development as project manager (m/f/d)
  • Further development as sales professional
Romania, Iași: Grenzebach Romania S.R.L.

Romania, Iași: Grenzebach Romania S.R.L.

  • Meal tickets
    Meal tickets used for purchasing food
  • Bonus tickets
    For Christmas and Ester (one-time bonus) also used for purchasing food or other stuff (electronics, gas)
  • Holiday bonus
    Used only for accommodation and food during the holiday in Romania granted once per year in May
  • Life insurance
    Covers serious diseases, death, and temporary work incapacity
  • Seniority bonus
    5 % - 8 % of the salary based on the total work experience
  • Seniority bonus in the company
    from 3.5 - 6 % of the salary based on the seniority in GROM
  • Monthly efficiency bonus
    For the production area only
  • Onetime bonus
    For 10/15/20 year seniority in GROM we receive an amount in the month we celebrate the seniority
  • Retirement bonus
    At retirement the employee receives 5 salaries as a thank you for their activity in the company
  • Recommendation bonus
    For the recommendation of a new employee, the bonus is awarded after 6 months of activity of the new employee
  • Recognition bonus
    Occasional bonus awarded for extra effort etc.
  • Welcome package
    For white collars - on the first day of the activity they receive a welcome package
  • Others
    Childbirth, death of close relatives, transport allowance
Greece, Athen: Grenzebach Hellas

Greece, Athen: Grenzebach Hellas

Working in an international, dynamic family business with flat hierarchies:
Having the opportunity to experience working in an international business environment can broaden perspective, enhance cultural sensitivity, and improve employees’ ability to work effectively. Creating a collaborative and inclusive work atmosphere where all opinions and suggestions are valued, regardless of the position in the company, allows faster decision-making and more agile responses to changes.

Short communication channels: 
Seamless communication betweenhighly motivated team members, combined with continuous guidance and mentoring from Managers on a daily basis. This results in prompt responses to both challenges and opportunities, fostering an environment where employees can openly share their ideas and inventive solutions.

International perspectives: 
Exposure to work in different markets and business practices can lead to improved creativity, the development of problem-solving, and well-rounded skills that set a global mindset. Working in an international environment provides opportunities for knowledge-sharing and technology transfer as a result of traveling and networking.

Flexible working model - hybrid working model option:
This working model allows employees to have a combination of remote work and in-office work, providing them with flexibility and autonomy in managing their work-life balance. With the flexible hybrid working model, employees have the option to work either from home or from the company’s premises, providing collaboration, relationship-building, or other activities that benefit from in-person interaction.

Health and life insurance:
Competitive group health and life insurance package provides valuable coverage for employees’ well-being by ensuring their access to medical care and offering financial support during health-related challenges. This demonstrates the company’s commitment to the welfare of its staff improving job satisfaction and retention.

Competitive salary package:
Our company recognizes the importance of offering a competitive salary package to attract top talents and to ensure the continuing smooth cooperation among current employees. A competitive salary package is designed to align with industry standards and reflects the skills, experience, and contributions of our employees while demonstrating our commitment to valuing and rewarding hard work and dedication. 

Clear career path and development feedback:
It is highly important for us, that our employees have a clear understanding of their potential career progression within the company. A well-defined career path provides employees with a sense of purpose and direction and gives motivation to work towards their goals and set realistic and meaningful goals while they can map skills, experiences, and achievements needed to reach the next level in their careers.  

Intensive onboarding phase:
Our company's intensive onboarding phase is designed to provide new employees with a comprehensive introduction to our organization, culture, and processes. During this phase, new hires receive training on their specific roles and responsibilities and have also the opportunity to meet key team members learn about the company's values and goals, and be encouraged to open communication and feedback.

Online learning platform account and continuous training:
The software industry is rapidly evolving and new tools are constantly emerging. By providing licenses and training, we ensure that our employees can keep up with these changes and remain competitive in their respective fields. It is by any means a strategic investment that pays off by fostering a skilled, motivated, and efficient workforce, resulting in improved productivity, innovation, and long-term success.

Traveling to Grenzebach locations for training purposes:
Grenzebach Group has locations all over the world. Visiting different company locations allows employees to interact with colleagues from diverse backgrounds and expertise. This facilitates knowledge sharing and the exchange of best practices, contributing to a well-rounded skill set for everyone involved, increasing collaboration, improving communication, and creating a more tightly-knit global team.


Georgia, Newnan: Grenzebach Corporation

Georgia, Newnan: Grenzebach Corporation

Grenzebach Newnan offers an immense amount of benefits to its team members. They pride themselves in offering competitive benefits and consistently evaluating to stay above the market, while also offering an open door policy and encouraging suggestions from team members to further grow their program. The company also enjoys celebrating monthly birthday celebrations, friendly competitions such as the annual chili cookoff or Office Olympics, and holiday parties.

  • Excellent company-paid insurance for team members: medical, dental, and vision
  • Company-paid long-term and short-term disability insurance
  • Lucrative company paid life insurance for all team members
  • Rich paid time off plans starting at 4 weeks
  • 401k with generous company match
  • 10 paid holidays every year                         
  • Annual bonus opportunity for all team members
  • Flexible work schedule including remote work options and four day work week for manufacturing positions
  • Free gym membership
Ohio, Eastlake / Newnan, Georgia: Millennium Control Systems

Ohio, Eastlake / Newnan, Georgia: Millennium Control Systems

Millennium Control Systems offers professional challenges, personal rewards, competitive compensation, and a comprehensive benefits package. We value our team members and strive to support their well-being and satisfaction in a positive work environment.

  • Excellent health insurance benefits – medical, dental, and vision
  • Excellent long-term and short-term disability insurance
  • Free life insurance
  • Immediately receive 15 days of paid time off
  • 11 paid holidays each year
  • 401k with general company match
  • Annual Bonus opportunity
  • Employee Referral Bonus
  • Flexible work options:
    - Remote options for office positions
    - Four-day work week for manufacturing positions
    - Part-time positions available
  • Team building events including chili cook-offs, holiday parties, summer cookouts, and cornhole competitions


China, Jiashan: Grenzebach Machinery (Jiashan) Ltd.

China, Jiashan: Grenzebach Machinery (Jiashan) Ltd.

  • Excellent insurance package
    Social insurance and public housing fund
  • Free disability & casualty insurance
  • Paid annual leave of up to 15 days
  • 7 paid holidays
  • Annual Bonus opportunity
  • Recognition bonus
    Occasional bonus awarded for extra effort etc.
  • Free work meal (lunch & dinner)
  • Holiday gifts including shopping cards and physical gifts
  • Team building events (annual parties, and other employee activities)
  • Others
    Allowance and gifts for Wedding, Childbirth, Parents’ Day, ect.

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