Automated goods transport with automated guided vehicles

Automated goods transport enables your company to cope with the increasing complexity of production and manufacturing. By automating internal processes, you can ensure that all materials, components, or goods are always where they are needed.

Automating the in-house parts transport

Grenzebach offers solutions for automated goods transport that intelligently links incoming goods, production, storage, and shipping with the help of automated guided vehicles (AGVs).

Our automation solutions are space-saving, capable of being seamlessly integrated into your existing environments, and flexibly adaptable. With Grenzebach software, you can also digitally integrate the solution and benefit from high reliability, shorter cycle times, and flexibility in critical processes.

Grenzebach’s solutions for in-house parts transport include:

Automated guided vehicles for automated goods transport

Software solutions for efficient system control

Goods carriers for easy and flexible accessibility

Peripherals such as loading and transfer stations

König + Neurath: open, customizable intralogistics system that adapts to growth


The office furniture manufacturer decided to build a high-bay warehouse and within this context had the desire to automate the processes in intralogistics and especially in metal production. König + Neurath was looking for an individual, flexible, customizable system that they could greatly control themselves.

The optimal way of picking Würth goods for Europe


Goods for Würth subsidiaries and shipments to customers throughout Europe are handled at Würth in Kupferzell. For individual warehouses to be supplied according to their specific requirements, shipments must be picked accordingly. Grenzebach provided Würth in designing and implementing an ideal concept for utilizing the new buildings.

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