Drive range monitoring: safety in logistics

With Grenzebach as an automation specialist, technical intelligence is integrated into your automated processes. Technical intelligence also means increased monitoring for safety in logistics. Drive range monitoring (DRM) is a technology incorporated into the vehicle that uses 3D vision to detect objects and disruptive factors within the travel area.




Drive range monitoring (DRM) by Grenzebach

Drive range monitoring is a technology which is integrated in the vehicle and monitors its driving range with the help of several cameras. The DRM checks sets of spaces in front of the automated guided vehicle and stops the AGV in a controlled manner if objects are detected within the generated monitoring spaces.

The system works with 3D cameras mounted on the automated guided vehicles (AGVs) that measure the distance to surrounding objects. The Grenzebach drive range monitoring system is equipped with a comprehensive 3D vision to detect obstacles from about 50 mm.

Based on the measurements, the system can monitor the vehicle's path in real time and, if necessary, stop or reroute to avoid collisions. 

The DRM system is an important component of safety functions in intralogistics, as it helps prevent accidents and damage to vehicles, goods, and people. By monitoring the path of travel, automated vehicles can navigate safely and efficiently through the warehouse or factory.