Bundler for gypsum plasterboards

Plasterboard production technology

Before the boards are stacked, the bundler makes sure they are true to size. The Grenzebach bundler technology provides accurately sized boards with a high cutting quality and, in combination with its high speed, adds to your productivity.

Bundler: Enhanced performance, precision and safety

New generation

Poorly cut edges and a lack of dimensional accuracy disqualify a board in the eyes of the customer. That is why the bundler is a key component in quality assurance at the end of a plasterboard line.

Our latest generation bundler provides the required maximum level of quality combined with a high performance and high safety standards. In addition to its new look, the bundler incorporates a number of new technical features. The Grenzebach bundler thus ranks among the most powerful systems on the market.

Added benefits for your daily operations:

Highest performance with more than 20 cycles/minute

Capable of operating at more than 20 cycles per minute, the new bundler can raise your output and open up new potentials for increasing the performance of your plasterboard line.

Excellent board quality thanks to precisely cut edges

New features provide for precise quality checks of board sizes and edges and also allow direct adjustments if the quality deviates from the specifications.

Enhanced safety for your staff

Integrated safety covers and automated restart functions available after a stoppage minimize manual interventions and increase the safety of your staff.

Optional features for even better performance

Edge taping unit - with enhanced safety and precision

The integrated features of the taping unit set new standards in terms of safety and quality: Manual interventions to position the tape when restarting the bundler are no longer necessary. The height adjusting mechanism always centres the edge tape precisely in the correct position. In addition, the tape cutter system has been optimized to prevent damage to the boards. The optimized tape feed system reduces tears in the tape.

Premium saw blades – suited for a variety of board types and sizes

The premium saw blades from Grenzebach have been specially developed for versatile applications and are suitable for all plasterboard thicknesses and types. With their optimized saw blade geometry they stand out for their precise and constant cutting quality – in particular when processing lightweight boards.

Automated measurement of saw blade wear

Defects on the blades can result in unclean saw cuts. Automated, early detection of defects on the saws can minimize waste and maintenance.

Board geometry (squareness) checks

The optional sensor system that can be integrated into the bundler checks each board for accurate right angles. If any deviations are spotted, the necessary corrections are made directly.

Optical check of the saw cut quality

Optical sensors for inspection of the quality of the cut edges

Optical sensors for assessment of the surface roughness


Benefit from the advantages of the bundler in your existing production line

Upgrades and integration

The new generation bundler offers you added value in a variety of ways:

  • Seamless integration of a new unit and replacement of your existing bundler provides you with all the benefits of a state-of-the art system. The investment opens up the full potential for boosting performance and quality. 
  • But you can also make use of additional upgrade services for your existing bundler to benefit from specific advantages of the new bundler generation. Depending on the model, your bundler can be retrofitted with individual technical features.


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