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Our glass customers’ key objectives are to raise product quality, increase output and improve resource efficiency. We’re offering glass manufacturers the opportunity to revolutionize their value creation processes. Industry 4.0 creates ecosystems where data-based solutions facilitate glass production in tomorrow’s world.

Our technological developments and services are geared to achieving these goals in your company. We exploit the enormous potential of digitalization to boost the quality and efficiency that our equipment and automated processes have already achieved.


Using potential across disciplines

Grenzebach cover most of the disciplines in a float glass system and their merger with CNUD EFCO is a big step to reaping the rewards of Industry 4.0. Today, we can capture data on the majority of steps in the process. Actual use cases, based on the consolidation and analysis of large quantities of data, generate added value for customers and consumers.

Optimisation potential through digitalization

“In the past, each of the phases in a process was treated separately in many cases, but there’s significant room for improvement in applying the data across all disciplines. Together with CNUD EFCO we can capture data on the majority of steps in the process.”


Egbert Wenninger, Chief Commercial Officer at Grenzebach
Egbert Wenninger Chief Commercial Officer at Grenzebach Group
SERICY platform and intelligent applications

Practical added value

In the field, valuable data are generated, which were previously not made use of and can now be read and processed with our SERICY’s platform’s Edge device. Edge translates the data so that they can be used by intelligent applications. Interfaces to any subordinate and overarching systems ensure openness, which is a key condition for added value in digitalization.

Our intelligent data handling allows ideal integration from the field all the way to a control system to ERP systems and our own high-level SERICY solutions with machine learning and analytics applications. An example from the real world: A predictive maintenance app tells your team, in plenty of time, when maintenance is required. Your staff are given practical help and our systems raise the availability of your machinery even further.

A data powerhouse

In future, intelligent assistance systems will give recommendations to operatives on action that needs to be taken. Based on the analyzed data, SERICY provides practical information to the head of production on how to change machinery settings to optimize the production process. This converts into even higher quality, more output and less consumption of resources.

Because it’s scalable, modular and configurable, SERICY can be customized and you gain a tailor-made digitalization solution.

Digitalization networks ecosystems in glass production Maximilian Ocker

“Digitalization is generating connected ecosystems in glass production from traditional value chains. And this is very exciting. SERICY is the nerve center of an intelligent method that provides data on production and machinery at any time. As a result, digital glass production improves each and every day.”


Maximilian Ocker Sales Manager Glass Technology at Grenzebach
Maximilian Ocker Sales Manager Glass Technology at Grenzebach Maschinenbau GmbH
System operation and control with SERICY

Plant operation and control that's a breeze

Our new control and operating concept makes running your glass plant a breeze. To do so, the plant needs to run reliably and without any disruptions. In the process, all integrated systems can communicate in one language.

Our high-performance solution consisting of a master computer and control system can plan production, manage orders and guarantee that all processes are ones that are efficient and can be counted on.

Our operating concept delivers all the information users need:

Head of production

The head of production has configurable, customized dashboards to monitor and manage the production process.

Shift supervisor

The shift supervisor benefits from user interfaces that allow easy order management in the control system.


And operatives also have intuitive user interfaces to run the machinery.

Product Traceability glass manufacturing optimization

Staying on track with product traceability

Product traceability will allow base glass manufacturers to enhance glass production because they will be able to track sheet data. During the processing stage, the data can be used to leverage more efficiency. Any product modification can be recorded and matched with batches, even batch size 1, which is increasingly popular in an era of customized production. Ultimately, facade construction businesses or automotive manufacturers also benefit because they can pick the right glass for their projects and products.

Product traceability technology is based on a product ID, which incorporates all information such as the format, production date, or production steps. Depending on the application, the physical product is marked with one of the following technologies:

  • Bar code printing
  • Laser engraving, with QR codes for example
  • Labeling with stickers
  • RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tagging and contactless, wireless data retrieval
Service for the glass industry

Partnership and service that go the extra mile.

Our service for the glass industry

Construction and commissioning of a new glass production line is only the first stage in a good customer relationship. Professional service in daily operation is just as important: We want your investment to be profitable without any interruption – that’s why our engineers are there for you with guidance and support over the entire life cycle of the plant.

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