In the Grenzebach machining center, the cast product becomes a high-quality component.

Machining and quality control of casting parts

You strive for high quality? We too! That is why casting parts get their perfect finish in the Grenzebach machining center. From milling to painting to labeling – we turn your cast product into a high-quality component.

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Perfectly shaped castings


In the Grenzebach machining center, the casting parts are given their perfect finish. That is where the simple cast product becomes a high-quality component – simple, fast, and economical, ideal for series production. A highly automated environment with automated guided vehicles and intelligent software enables that every work step is traceable.

Grenzebach handles all processing steps for casting parts of various alloys in China. In doing so, we use our many years of know-how and state-of-the-art technology.

Our solution portfolio

Milling and drilling are parts of mechanical processing.


Milling, lathing, drilling and grinding

Grenzebach cleans the surfaces.


Cleaning the surfaces or crevices

Surface treatments are included in the Grenzebach product range.

Surface treatment

Painting, powder coating, preserving

Grenzebach mounts threaded inserts according to manufacturer’s specifications.

Mount threaded inserts

According to manufacturer’s specifications

Casting parts are also labeled in the casting center.


with laser, impact stamp or engraving

A foam seal is applied by machine upon customer's request.

Machine application of a foam seal

Permanent application of the seal to the component

Friction stir welding is the ideal welding process for media and pressure-tight weld seams.

Friction stir welding

For media and pressure-tight weld seams

“Grenzebach has been represented in China for the past three decades. We've started producing casting parts in Shanghai 15 years ago before moving this fast growing business to our location in Jiashan, a crucial hub for our international strength in castings. I've worked for Grenzebach in China for many years. Back in Germany, the cooperation between our teams in Europe and Asia inspires me every day. Everything dovetails, resulting in the best possible support for our customers, for whom we map, support and continually refine the entire supply chain.”


Alfred Schlosser Grenzebach
Alfred Schlosser Vice President Special Technologies Grenzebach Group


Machining and quality control

Fast, efficient throughput

A high level of automation enables fast, efficient throughput. The Software makes each production step traceable and reproducible.

Highest accuracy

We work on the workpiece with highest flatness and surface accuracy.

Grenzebach checks every casting part during quality control.
Grenzebach conducts quality controls and inspections upon customer’s request.

Your quality requirements are our benchmark

Quality control

We carry out quality controls and inspections according to customer requirements. That involves individual part tracking with the production profile so that we can quickly follow up on deviations. Quality for castings is enabled by:

  • Inspection of casting geometry and testing of mechanical properties
  • Metallography
  • Stress analysis
  • Digital radiography
  • Magnetic particle, ultrasonic and radiographic testing and dye penetrant inspection

Quality after processing is enabled by:

  • Geometric product specification inspection – dimensional tolerances, shape and position tolerances
  • Leakage testing
  • Rust and corrosion protection
If requested, Grenzebach will also handle the logistics: professional packaging and optimized delivery.

We deliver the way you need it


Professional packaging and optimal delivery – that’s just part of our job. Many small high-precision parts: We pack them for safe transport, with exactly the kind of packaging units you want.

  • We take care of storage and deliver on-demand.
  • We have routines for dealing with customer warehouses and consignment warehouses very close to you.
  • You receive the required number of parts exactly where you need them.

You can rely on the fastest, most flexible transport possible – worldwide.

Find out more about castings

Together with the customer, Grenzebach will find the optimal casting process.

We select the appropriate casting process for your component with you. We have been working with several foundries in China for years.

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In the Case Study, Grenzebach explains in which cases casting parts offer the best cost-benefit-ratio.

Optimum quality at the lowest possible costs – read our case study to discover whether casting parts or conventional machining has the better cost-benefit ratio.

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Friction stir welding is the ideal welding process for media and pressure-tight weld seams.

Friction stir welding (FSW) creates an unprecedented welding quality. Thereby, the metals are stirred, not melted.

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