Grenzebach proactively shapes society by assuming social responsibility

We proactively shape society by assuming social responsibility

Our identity has always been characterized by family cohesion. Our team spirit determines how we collaborate and assume long-term responsibility for our employees and society.

We systematically put people at the center of all our activities. Creating an atmosphere of appreciation and collaboration is particularly important to us, and we are committed to advancing charitable projects at our sites.

Sustainable. Attentive. Responsible.

Out of respect for people and the region

As an automation partner that operates across the globe, Grenzebach bears particular responsibility. We are well aware of this fact and therefore exploit our opportunities in a responsible manner – in harmony with your objectives, society, and available resources. We keep the individuals involved in mind at all times, and our working environments serve the people, not the other way around.

We want to offer our employees a place where they feel comfortable, safe, and valued. As a result, we prioritize occupational health and safety measures that make a lasting impact. As a family-owned company, we are also deeply rooted in the regions our sites are located. We play an active role in the local communities and have done so for decades.

Grenzebach considers occupational health and safety right from the start

Occupational health and safety considered right from the start

A sustainable workplace

Working at Grenzebach means cultivating a reliable, respectful, and collaborative relationship. Our employees are the heart and engine of our company. It is their in-depth expertise and unwavering focus on our products and customers that allow us to develop high-quality solutions and high-performance technologies that add genuine value. Because we care about their well-being, we promote holistic health management and implement effective occupational health and safety measures.

We are our employees’ partner. As such, we strive to offer workplaces that are as safe and healthy as possible – for our visitors as well as our employees. A variety of programs designed to promote active preventive health care are a matter of course for us. 

Humans and machines – a sustainable unit

  • Robots can take over dangerous, heavy, and ergonomically demanding tasks
  • Driverless transport systems make workplaces more ergonomic – they often save employees from having to take tedious trips and, for example, handle the transport of heavy goods
  • We constantly develop work, fire and health protection. Since 2019, the control elements of our automated guided vehicles are galvanically isolated from the battery voltage and person-safe due to a Lidar laser scanner 360°
  • Interacting with innovative topics develops skills and creates new fields of employment

We assume responsibility for our employees

Occupational safety and health from A to Z

Officers for even greater safety

  • Occupational safety management officers have their eye on all on-site processes
  • Occupational safety specialists provide important tips for the day-to-day implementation of measures on-site
  • Fire safety officers do their utmost for the preventive protection of people and the environment
  • Laser safety officers advise employees on the use of laser equipment in accordance with applicable regulations

Ergonomics and medical care

Our ergonomic workstations offer:

  • Height-adjustable desks
  • Two monitors and headsets at offices
  • Workstation crane systems in production areas
  • Specially coated floors for a back-friendly working

Our company physician and paramedic also provide medical care at Grenzebach:

  • Occupational health-related exams
  • Occupational health checkups
  • Grenzebach first-aid kit

Additional preventive health measures

  • Protective vaccinations
  • Analysis of blood test results
  • Blood pressure measurements
  • Campaigns such as mobile back training, foot measurement, thyroid exams
  • A series of lectures on health
  • Group running training
  • Testing and hygiene concepts during the pandemic

Our occupational health and safety management system

At Grenzebach, we are committed to safe machines manufactured at safe workplaces. At all Grenzebach Group sites, our employees comply with the safety rules in accordance with the statutory provisions applicable to workplaces and observe the recommendations of the employers’ liability insurance associations. Our goal is to prevent workplace accidents of all kinds and to provide safe and ergonomic workstations for our own and external employees. At every Grenzebach site, the company’s internal physician takes care of all of our employees’ health concerns.

DIN ISO 45001 | occupational health and safety management system
Grenzebach supports social and charitable projects in the region

Social initiatives with an impact

Partner to employees, society, and the region

Grenzebach is always thinking one step ahead. We believe business success is closely linked to social initiatives. A willingness to help others has a long tradition at the Grenzebach Group. In this context, we feel particularly committed to the regions around our sites. We listen carefully and don’t just talk the talk, but also walk the walk. Vocational education and training are a matter near and dear to our hearts. We are always happy to get involved in charitable projects. When doing so, our focus is always on the needs of the people.

Grenzebach fosters young talent and opens up career prospects for young people

Launching into the future together

We support young talents

Here at Grenzebach, we want to offer young people from the region excellent career prospects. We are careful to make sure everyone assumes responsibility together – at our company and in society.

Supporting young talent is at the heart of our considerations in this regard. Our state-of-the-art training center is both a gathering place and a place of learning in one. Interested in a change of location and perspective? Always possible here at Grenzebach. We promote transatlantic youth development activities with a view to Industry 4.0 – you are always welcome to do an internship or participate in a language course at one of our foreign locations. We even offer “German-style” cooperative education programs in the US, to increase students’ practical experience during school.

At the same time, (Grenzebach) family life is never neglected, as vocational training days are always shared with parents and family, soccer tournaments promote team spirit, and international partnerships foster collaboration within the Grenzebach family across national borders.

Training at Grenzebach

“As diverse as we are as people in our work together at the Grenzebach Group, as diverse are the ways in which we as an employer support our colleagues in their training and further education. At home in the regions of our locations, at home globally in our international offices. Family cohesion and global cooperation are the foundation on which our employees can grow personally and professionally. We actively support this. Because this is the key to creating ideas that inspire, advance, and change the world of tomorrow.”


Michael Wolf Senior Vice President Corporate HR
„Grenzebach hilft“ is a social project of the trainees of Grenzebach

We’re shaping the future. By conviction.

Proactively shaping society

What kind of place would the earth be without all the people who do their best to make our world a better place day-to-day? Grenzebach is proactively making it’s contribution to the future of our planet. For years, we have supported charitable projects and acknowledged our duty to take responsibility for people, nature and the climate. Out of profound conviction, our Grenzebach family helps to shape the future of our society.

Our vocational trainees are also happy to take on this obligation. Our junior staff – with the support of company employees – regularly gets involved in regional projects as part of our “Grenzebach hilft“ initiative.

In addition, the company donates to charitable institutions or volunteer projects at our individual sites’ regions on an annual basis.

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