Bin-Picking Solution für das effiziente Sortieren von Werkstücken

Bin picking solutions for additive manufacturing

An important aspect of automating your additive manufacturing is so-called bin picking. During this "reaching into the bin"-process, robotic arms are used to load or unload a wide variety of objects from bins, crates, and containers. With bin picking solutions by Grenzebach, your company's processes are effectively automated.


Efficient sorting by robot

In production and logistics, efficiency and speed play an increasingly decisive role. To ensure these factors, the automation of bin picking, among other things, comes into play in additive manufacturing.

Grenzebach's bin picking solutions are based on AI technology and use intelligent image recognition to identify, select, and sort a wide variety of components. It does not matter whether the crates and bins were previously sorted or not – with Grenzebach’s solutions "picking bins" is no problem for robotic arms.

Bin Picking by robot is a fast, flexible, and reliable solution. Automation reduces manual error to a minimum, making processes reliable while ensuring consistent high quality. At the same time, cycle times are increased, employee workload is lightened, and costs are reduced in the long term.

Your advantages at a glance:

Increased productivity

through fast and precise removal of components

Reduced susceptibility to errors

with the use of intelligent image recognition

Easy integration

into existing facilities

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Bin picking solutions by Grenzebach

We provide you with customized automation solutions for additive manufacturing. As a result, you benefit from increased productivity, higher accuracy, and improved product quality, among other things. Contact us today to automate and optimize your processes together.

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