The stars among intralogistics

17.11.2016 - The science program “neun ½ - deine Reporter” focuses on automated guided vehicles (AGVs) from Grenzebach.

Thanks to Grenzebach, racks in your warehouse are now being transported directly to you, sparing you from having to walk long distances through your facility. How the Grenzebach robots work in detail, is illustrated in a documentary on the German television station ARD on a program called “neun ½ - deine Reporter“. In this documentary, the science program for children, demonstrates how artificial intelligence and robots are changing our economical and social life. Adults might also find the documentary worth seeing.  

The star of the show is an automated guided vehcile from Grenzebach. At the Frankfurt logistics center, operated by BLG LOGISTICS, the robots are being used to manage returns for a well-known producer of work clothes and protective work wear accessories. The automated guided vehicles transport the goods directly to the logistics staff, who picks, scans and packs the needed material to send it on its way to the next step in line.

“neun ½ - deine Reporter” explains how the man-machine communication works. Harald Bergermann from Grenzebach talks about the fleet manager – a software which sends the vehicles on its fastest way to the packing station making sure that the individual vehicles do not collide and safely navigate around employees. At BLG, the AGVs contribute on many fronts; storage areas, for instance, can be used more efficiently due to the flexible navigation of the robots.