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360° Progress. For smarter Automated Goods Transportation.

360° People Safety

Equipped with blue light and two Lidar laser scanners, the OL1200S combines efficiency and productivity with maximum personnel safety.

360° Travel Area Monitoring

A 360° 3D vision system detects disruptive factors with a minimum size of approximately 50 mm (2 inches). This prevents transportation damage caused by collisions with obstacles in the operating area, such as protruding components, partially open roller doors, or forklift tines.

Autonomous Load Carrier Detection

The OL1200S detects the position of inaccurately placed load carriers within a variance range of +/– 250 mm (9.8 inches). The autonomous load carrier detection enables the vehicle to pick up the loads automatically without a problem.

360° Mobility

The OL1200S is omnidirectional; it can move freely in any direction and rotate on its axis while stationary. Narrow pathways, 90° curves, turning maneuvers, and cross-docking of goods carriers are tasks easily accomplished by this vehicle.

24/7 Operation

Lithium power, 48 V DC, up to 80 amperes charging current. With top speeds of up to 6 km/h (3.7 mph), the OL1200S is designed for maximum uptime in demanding industrial environments that operate around the clock.

VDA 5050-compatible

Maximum freedom for plant planning: The OL1200S can be combined with automated guided vehicles from other manufacturers under a single software control center via the VDA 5050 interface.

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360° Added Value. Your benefits:

Maximum performance in the smallest of spaces

The OL1200S can maneuver freely in any direction, thus allowing it to master the cross-docking of long goods carriers and flexibly adapt to new constellations in production thanks to the automated detection of goods carriers and elimination of static peripherals such as stations.

Low TCO, high performance

The OL1200S is just one component of Grenzebach systems for automated goods transportation. By combining various components you optimize logistics processes in your production to the maximum extent. Exceptionally robust, highly maneuverable, and quick are the reasons behind the high performance of the OL1200S in parts transportation. This efficiency also helps reduce the number of vehicles required in the fleet.

New standards in safety and sensor technology

Equipped with both Lidar and 360° vision systems, the OL1200S is setting new standards in the area of smart solutions for personnel and transportation safety. The AGV can thus detect obstacles above ground level, such as forklift tines and roller doors, and prevent transportation damage. In addition, the vehicle can autonomously pick up inaccurately placed goods carriers within a variance range of up to 250 mm (9.8 inches) with ease.

Flexible in the face of changing tasks

With smart sensors and SLAM navigation, the OL1200S reduces static peripheral requirements to a minimum. It does not require permanently installed stations for the pickup and delivery of goods carriers, thus creating ideal conditions for highly flexible production environments. High variance and short response times help keep pace with changing production requirements.

Smart transfer of load carriers – a league of its own

Whether it’s transportation, lateral delivery of long goods carriers, or automated pickup of inaccurately placed goods carriers – the OL1200S eliminates classic disruptions in the flow of goods in no time. Its autonomous load carrier detection makes stations redundant and the switch from manual to automated parts transportation a breeze. The vehicle locates the goods carrier placed in the transfer zone and automatically compensates for a manual positioning errors within a tolerance range of +/–250 mm (9.8 inches).

Maximum process and planning certainty

The use of standardized hardware and software modules reduces risks associated with planning and processes, and ensures that our customers continue to participate in the further development of our systems. A seamless integration of the vehicle into existing infrastructures is possible at all times via the VDA 5050 interface.

A modular system with lots of possibilities. The Grenzebach solution for automated goods transport.

Extremely efficient, economical, and flexible. The OL1200S is an integral component of Grenzebach systems for automated goods transportation. A modular system that exploits all possibilities in order to optimize logistics processes in production to the maximum extent.


To the holistic solution

For North America

Your contact person: Michael Blood

I would be happy to discuss with you, whether and how you can benefit from an automation solution including the new OL1200S in your area of responsibility. I look forward to your meeting proposal!

For all other regions

Your contact person: Robert Luxenhofer

I would be happy to discuss with you, whether and how you can benefit from an automation solution including the new OL1200S in your area of responsibility. I look forward to your meeting proposal!

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