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Valuable data is generated every day throughout your value chain, providing you with optimization potential to make your production processes even more efficient and of higher quality. How can you use this potential? With intelligent networking and data-based software solutions.

The digital solutions of our software landscape, SERICY, record and analyze your process data. We ensure that the digitalization of your building materials production plant is as simple as possible. Benefit from the added value and possibilities of digitalization to further utilize your production potential. This allows you to create an intelligent system in which the competitive production of tomorrow is possible.

Smart solutions with digital added value


Our SERICY software apps provide your employees with the process data and information relevant to them, regardless of location and time - simple, clear, and transparent.


No more paper trails! Transmission errors are eliminated thanks to the digital recording and evaluation of data in real-time. As a result, correct data is available to you immediately and is ready for evaluation and further processing at any time.


You can start any necessary measures right away. Consequently, production efficiency is increased, and resources are better utilized. The result is a boost in productivity and reduced costs.

“The SERICY software ecosystem allows companies in the building materials industry to digitalize their machines and processes remarkably quickly and easily. Our IIoT platform and apps are under constant development and are systematically designed to help our customers overcome the obstacles to digitalization.”


Gerd Brod Sales Director Project Engineering

Welcome to the SERICY ecosystem for the building materials industry


Start your digital transformation step by step with our portfolio of apps and IIoT platform. You can combine the modules from our SERICY software landscape as you wish and design the digitalization of your value chain yourself. The scalability and modularity of our system keep you flexible and open to expansion with new apps and services.

Be it graphics, KPIs, or simple reports, applications from the category provide you with information in a suitable form. Reporting is tailored to your needs: thus, every stakeholder receives the relevant information clearly, simply, and intuitively.


The volume of data along the supply chain is constantly increasing. It is essential to keep track of everything. On the one hand, there is the question of how to organize all the information, and on the other hand, the data has countless different types, sources, and formats. 

The digital solutions from SERICY.organize assist you in organizing your data by ensuring a structured data flow and optimized order management. This saves you time and costs and sustainably increases the transparency of your data management.


High-speed transport and handling tasks. The digital solutions in the SERICY.move section make your systems, machines, and robots even more efficient and economical. Following the motto: higher, faster, further.


Transparent processes can be controlled better – this applies to all chemical and physical processes. The applications in the SERICY.process area assist your employees in managing data-based processes such as cooling and heating better. This saves resources sustainably and significantly increases the quality of your end product. 


Do you want to increase the productivity of your value chain? Then SERICY.optimize is the right choice! Our applications in this area identify previously untapped potential – and realize this potential. We always aim to unleash the equipment's full potential. See for yourself! 


Big Data is a relevant production factor in industries and processes. Using algorithms, deep learning, or machine learning – data science and artificial intelligence advance your thinking and help you evaluate large amounts of data and make better decisions. How are they doing that? Through networking processes along the entire supply chain and reliable, stable analysis methods. SERICY.analyze is a toolbar that adds significant value to optimization and reporting. 


We provide efficient, powerful, and flexible software solutions that control your products wherever robots, cameras, or sensors are used for automation solutions. The software solutions in this area give you a clear overview, higher quality, and transparency along the entire value chain.


Markets are growing rapidly. This is in close correlation with the desire to automate, accelerate, and flexibilize processes. This calls for suitable, high-performance software solutions that intelligently network processes, machines, and systems. SERICY.control apps control your processes with foresight and provide reliable and efficient process chains. 


Assistance systems make everyday life easier at home and work. One sound, one notification at the right time, has an important influence on our decisions. SERICY.assist is the toolbox for your employees to simplify their daily work routine. Grenzebach's digital assistance solutions will simplify your employees' activities and make them more user-friendly. This way, you sustainably increase the quality of your production and reduce errors to a minimum. 


Your contact person: Gerd Brod

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Gerd Brod from Grenzebach