Goods-to-Person – automated picking with Grenzebach

Picking goods has become a challenge for companies in recent years. With automated guided vehicles (AGVs) by Grenzebach, warehouse processes such as order picking can be automated, and processes optimized. AGVs help reduce labor, decrease costs, minimize errors, and improve inventory management.   

Goods-to-Person picking with automated guided vehicles

Automate processes for order picking to increase your company's efficiency: Grenzebach's automated guided systems independently transport goods and products from one location to another. 

Grenzebach’s automated guided vehicles (AGVs) are specifically designed for Goods-to-Person solutions and may easily be installed in new and existing buildings. Your facility can be flexibly designed and expanded with our AGVs and software. The vehicles are controlled and managed by a central fleet manager. As your employees are stationary at pick stations, AGVs transport the goods carriers with products directly to the stations, which increases the efficiency of your order picking.

Grenzebach's goods-to-person picking solutions include:

AGVs for efficient order picking

Software for optimized route finding and order processing 

Goods carriers for easy and flexible accessibility

Peripherals such as loading and transfer stations

Intelligent logistics meets historic architecture: Swiss Post


All international letter post items containing goods are customs-cleared at the international letter center in Zurich-Mülligen. The automated guided vehicles (AGV) from Grenzebach work reliably as part of the intralogistics solution developed for the listed building by the general contractor Gilgen Logistics – so that the family mail or business letters reach their recipients as fast as possible.

Which goods-to-person solution is right for me?

White paper

In this white paper, you will learn more about the current underlying conditions that apply to automated goods-to-person solutions. Data and facts from the industry, as well as assessments by experts, will also be provided in order to create a more complete picture.

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Implement automated goods picking with us! With automated guided vehicle systems from Grenzebach, you can increase the efficiency, speed and accuracy of your warehouse and the associated processes.