Process linking with AGVs by Grenzebach

Automated processes can only be successful and efficient if they are intelligently linked. Therefore, the challenge is to flexibly link the automations consisting of hardware and software. Intralogistics solutions with automated guided vehicles (AGVs) by Grenzebach support the linking of processing steps in your production to form an overall concept. With us as a partner, both your intralogistics and your storage system remain more flexible and space-saving than rigid position-bound transport solutions.

Intelligent automation with process linking

Interlinking of processes in intralogistics refers to the integration of automated guided systems into the various processes or stations within a material flow system.

By linking processes with AGVs, materials and goods can be transported automatically from one station to the next without human intervention. Process linking with AGVs can optimize the flow of materials within the facility, resulting in higher productivity and efficiency.

With the help of intelligent software and the fleet manager, the required materials get to the right place at the right time. The material flow is controlled automatically and efficiently.

Grenzebach’s solutions for intelligent process linking include:

Automated guided vehicles for efficient process linking

Software for smooth coordination of vehicle movements

Goods carriers for easy and flexible accessibility

Peripherals such as loading and transfer stations

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Intralogistics solutions from Grenzebach enable the intelligent interlinking of individual steps in your production. You can therefore rely on the automation specialist Grenzebach!