Utilize potential across trades!


From the hot end to the cold end, digitalization allows you to optimize your value-added processes and connect previously separate trades. Utilize the enormous potential of digitalization to increase your existing quality and efficiency further. Thanks to the intelligent networking of individual trades and data-based software solutions, you can collect a vast amount of data along your glass line. Valid value is created by bundling and analyzing information and deriving optimizations. This allows you to create an intelligent ecosystem in which the competitive glass production of tomorrow is possible.

The digital solutions of our software landscape SERICY network and analyze information using intelligent AI. You will receive apps, for example, for process monitoring and system control, and create immediate added value. We provide that the digitalization of your glass production plant is as simple as possible.


Digital solutions with practical value

Creating transparency

Software solutions visualize production and machine data and make it available at all times. You can read, process, and analyze previously unused, valuable data at the field level with our SERICY solutions. You and your employees gain more profund insights for better decisions.

Increasing product quality

The SERICY apps transform raw data into valuable information. This knowledge flows directly into the production process or is used for special tasks. Based on the analyzed data, proactive recommendations can be derived to optimize the machine settings so that you can continuously produce high-quality glass

Increasing yield

You can lower your production cost with the digital solutions of the SERICY ecosystem. Monitoring systems function as an early warning system to prevent or shorten downtimes. Monitoring and reporting tools simply and intuitively visualize your production process so that you can optimize it to the maximum.

Digitalization networks ecosystems in glass production Maximilian Ocker

“Digitalization is transforming traditional value chains into networked ecosystems in glass production. An exciting time! SERICY is the core of an intelligent workflow that makes production and machine data always available. The basis to improve digital glass production every day.”


Maximilian Ocker Sales Manager Glass Technology at Grenzebach
Maximilian Ocker Sales Manager Glass Technology at Grenzebach
System operation and control with SERICY

Equipment control


The unique control and operating concept developed for glass production systems means you can operate your glass system carefree. The basis for this is reliable, trouble-free control of the system. The high availability of our master computer and control system provides that all processes run efficiently and reliably by handling tasks such as production planning and order management.

Your employees will receive messages in real-time and are constantly kept up to date. Stationary and mobile devices are supported, regardless of operating system and hardware configuration.

Recommendations for action


Practical tips for production managers are provided based on the analyzed data to optimize the production process via machine settings. By using the predictive maintenance app, for example, your maintenance team can predict when maintenance work is due. Your employees will receive practical help, and the high level of system availability can be further increased with the help of our systems. This means even better quality, higher yield, and fewer resources used.

Product Traceability


For basic glass manufacturers, product traceability makes it possible to optimize glass production through the traceability of plate data. The data is used for greater efficiency in further processing. Every product modification can be recorded and assigned up to batch size 1. Ultimately, this also benefits companies such as façade and car manufacturers, who can select the right glass precisely for their projects and products.

With our operating concept, you can precisely visualize the information you need:

Production manager

As a production manager, you can access configurable, individual dashboards to monitor and manage the production process.

Shift supervisor

Shift supervisors can keep a clear overview thanks to an intuitive user interface for precise order management in the control system.

Equipment operator

Are you operating the machine? You can also rely on a clearly designed user interface for machine control.

Regarding technology, product traceability is based on a product ID to which all information, such as size, production date, or production steps, is attached. The physical product is labeled with one of the following technologies, depending on the area of application:

  • Barcode printing
  • Laser engraving, for example, QR code
  • Labeling: Applying labels
  • RFID-Tag (Radio Frequency Identification) and contactless reading via radio frequencies

Technology & equipment

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