Energy management for automated guided vehicles

In intralogistics, the implementation of well-thought-out energy management contributes to the future of automation while going green. Energy consumption can be decreased, and resources are used more efficiently. In the long run, this saves costs and reduces your company's environmental footprint. 



Automation in intralogistics saves resources

Automation through automated guided vehicles (AGVs) offer various optimization potential for your company's energy budget. A holistic view of all energy sources and vehicles enables intelligent energy management that minimizes energy consumption and potential loss based on transport orders along the process. For example, battery conditions and charging statuses are monitored and all vehicle movements are coordinated via the fleet manager. This allows the system to be deadlock-free.  

A deadlock occurs when a planned path cannot be found, and the vehicle stops even though a path exists.

Energy management for long-lasting production

As experts for Intralogistics solutions, Grenzebach specializes in optimizing material flow. Thanks to factors such as sustainable energy management, improved personnel safety and clever navigation, our products and services are a long-term investment with increased productivity and efficiency. Our team is your resource to help you realize the automation needs for your Intralogistics processes.

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