Economic. Environmental. Social.

Grenzebach is committed to all three pillars of corporate sustainability

We understand sustainability as a fundamental philosophy that guides the actions of every employee daily. That’s why, as a global automation specialist, we concentrate on forward-looking solutions that conserve resources on the one hand and increase our customers’ efficiency on the other. Our focus is always on leaving future generations an intact ecological and economic environment through the implementation of responsible approaches and operations.

This sustainable corporate philosophy is also reflected in our Grenzebach DNA. We take active steps to protect the environment and combat climate change, foster fair and responsible business relationships, and support as well as actively participate in social and volunteer projects.

“As an independent family-owned company, Grenzebach has always stood for helping people and companies to achieve their goals in a spirit of partnership and for the long term. This is only possible with effective and active efforts to protect the environment, combat climate change, and enhance occupational health and safety. As a company-wide objective and fundamental underlying conviction, a sustainability mindset and sustainable operations are the cornerstones of our corporate philosophy.”


Dr. Steven Althaus CEO of the Grenzebach Group

Foundation of our sustainable corporate culture

The Grenzebach DNA

Our corporate values form the basis of our corporate culture. They shape the framework that determines how we work, how we communicate, and how we conduct ourselves. They are the foundation upon which our sustainable corporate governance is based. They remind us that sustainability is a process built on numerous multifaceted elements.

We think and act quality-consciously


We think ahead and constantly optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of our products and processes.

We think and act responsibly


We always act responsibly toward our employees, colleagues and customers, and our environment.

We think and act appreciatively


Our employees are our most valuable asset. We build on long-term customer relationships.


We think and act sustainably


We are careful to make sustainable use of the required resources.



We deliver what we promise; internally and to our customers.


Superior quality for greater sustainability in production andour customers


Grenzebach delivers high-quality, innovative, and durable products and systems. Our high-performance technologies are synonymous with maximum production reliability, lasting value, and resource efficiency.

We do our best to do a bit more each day – internal audits are a matter of course, we view feedback and tips from customers as valuable information, and continuous testing and analyses ensure that we maintain our superior product and service quality.

We embrace our economic responsibility. For you. For ourselves. Learn more about how Grenzebach is making quality sustainable and is always thinking ahead:


How we proactively protect the environment and combat climate change


To preserve the livelihood for future generations, the Grenzebach Group’s collective goal is to reconcile economic and environmental approaches and activities, both globally and locally.

We promote the use of green technologies right from the development stage, rely on alternative energy sources, and reduce our carbon footprint by, for example, eliminating unnecessary travel and gradually converting our vehicle fleet.

We are committed to sustainable processes, systems, and solutions that minimize our customers’ energy consumption and reduce emissions.

We take environmental responsibility. For you. For ourselves. Learn more about how Grenzebach is making environmental protection and climate change mitigation sustainable:


For our employees. For society. For our region.


As a family-owned company, we particularly value our close relationship with our employees and the region. Corporate social responsibility – to the benefit of our employees as well as society – has been part of Grenzebach’s self-image since the company was founded.

That’s why the occupational health and safety of our employees is extremely important to us and why we promote sustainable health management. We do our best to offer safe and ergonomic workstations and motivate our employees to proactively take care of their health.

We actively serve society, particularly in the regions where our sites are located – such as by donating to local charities or through our “Grenzebach hilft” project with vocational trainees.

Grenzebach’s heart beats for the local community. We demonstrate our strong commitment to society – even beyond the boundaries of the company:


Sustainability in day-to-day operations

Integrated management system

Quality management, environmental protection, occupational health and safety, as well as sensible energy usage are indispensable elements of our corporate strategy. Our integrated management system consolidates these topics under one roof. Thanks to the synergies between the individual areas, Grenzebach provides efficient and quality-driven services in an environmentally friendly, safe, and responsible manner.

High-quality and innovative products, systems, and solutions – this is what the Grenzebach Group has been committed to for over 60 years. We view our integrated management system as both an aspiration and an obligation. This is the only way we can remain a long-term, reliable, and innovative partner to our customers and shape the markets of tomorrow.

Quality, environmental, energy, and occupational safety aspects are firmly enshrined in all our processes

Quality management system

At Grenzebach, maximum quality is our mission. This aspiration extends through all company areas and business processes and is constantly being expanded and refined.

Our quality management system supports us meet customer requirements and reduce the frequency of errors, among other goals.


Environmental management system

Our environmental management system serves to increase employees’ awareness of environmentally relevant issues and to make environmental protection a more accessible topic at all Grenzebach Group locations.

As such, we take care to use environmentally friendly and durable products.

DIN EN ISO 14001

Energy management system

Our energy management system helps us to raise our employees’ awareness regarding energy usage and consumption.

Our goal is to systematically increase our energy efficiency. On the customer side, we strive to develop energy-saving technologies for our machines and systems.

DIN EN ISO 50001

Occupational health and safety management system

We are committed to providing safe machines for satisfied customers, manufactured in safe workplaces. We achieve this through safe and ergonomic workstations and a wide range of health-promoting measures.

Each of our sites has an occupational safety specialist and a company physician.

DIN EN ISO 45001

“Our integrated management system forms an integral part of the day-to-day work of our 1,500 employees at Grenzebach sites worldwide. Numerous staff members support the continuous improvement process – CIP for short – within the Grenzebach process landscape in their respective positions, for example as management representatives or process owners. As a result, we never stop improving and optimizing our processes. This means, customers and employees, as well as partners and suppliers, can count on the superior quality of our products and processes.”


Frank Wenger Global Quality Manager of the Grenzebach Group

We’re happy to be here for you

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Let us shape sustainability together. We will be happy to answer your questions about our economic, environmental and social responsibility.

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