Versatile veneer production

Wood - a unique raw material

We offer everything from individual dryer plants with manual feeders, to complete veneer drying lines with automatic feeders, scanners and stacking systems. We supply the wood manufacturing sector with state-of-the-art technology for veneer drying, including the highest possible energy efficiency.

Decorative veneers are sliced and dried in Grenzebach plants all over the world. These veneers are used in the furniture sector, on yachts, in hotels, and for other interior design purposes. Peeled veneers dried on our drying lines are used to make plywood and LVL (laminated veneer lumber).

Wood veneer drying

“We have opted for Grenzebach because their team has a lot of expe­rience in veneer drying. Grenzebach's know-how and service have assisted us with our innovation process. Of course, a number of trial runs were necessary before the optimum was reached, but then drying 3.55 mm beech veneer is not something that can easily be mastered.”


Patrik Rodlberger Plant Manager at Pollmeier Furnierwerkstoffe

Veneer drying technology for peeled veneers & decorative veneers

Equipment & Highlights

Veneer drying technology 

Automatic infeed system with up to 23 cycles/min

Overlapping of the veneer sheets at the infeed to optimize the track load and taking into account the shrinkage of the veneer during drying.

Improved air distribution

Flow-optimized air distribution zones and a better balanced air volume over all decks for best, uniform drying results. The result is a higher drying capacity at lower energy consumption, and a high quality final product.

Modular design

Each modular dryer section is 2.25 m long. These modules are combined to obtain the required dryer length. Four, six or eight deck dryers with a working width of 4 m, 4.8 m, 5 m, 5.8 m and 6.2 m are available.

Special door design

Each aluminized access door extends over an entire section. It can be opened with one hand and features a special door hinge design. Soft bends instead of sharp 90° corners ensure a long lasting and perfect sealing effect.

Sine wave system

The special sine-wave guiding system between carry and cover belt helps to reduce the waviness in particularly wet and difficult to dry veneer species.

Consistent drying

The optimized nozzle boxes with saw tooth tread design guarantee a homogenous distribution of the drying air over the entire width and prevent damage to the veneer sheets.

Improved sealing system

Seal sections at the dryer infeed and outfeed prevent condensation and carbonization of wood pitch on the dryer walls.

Insulated dryer floor

Insulated floor for highest energy efficiency. No need for special foundations.

Plant technologies


Veneer production feeder systems

Feeder systems

Our feeder systems are designed to meet specific veneer production requirements. The feeding process can be semi-automatic or fully automatic. The vacuum-assisted system lifts the wet veneer sheets and transports them to the dryer at high feed rates.

Veneer drying technology 

Veneer dryer

Grenzebach stands for uniform veneer drying over the entire width of the dryer and throughout all decks, with high-precision air distribution and uniform flow. Our portfolio includes belt dryers, roller dryers for peeled veneers as well as press dryers for smooth and flat decorative veneers.

Stacking system for Peeled Veneer

Stacking system for Peeled Veneer

In the stacking line, vacuum belts transport the dried veneers to the various stacking stations for the defined quality grades. The number of stacking stations depends on the number of quality grades requested by the customer. Various automated solutions are available for transport and handling of the dry veneer stacks.

Measuring system

VIL-mtd Moisture and Thickness Detection System

VIL-mtd Moisture and Thickness Detection System

The in-line moisture and thickness detection system is used upstream or downstream from the dryer and allows continuous veneer quality control. It can also be used directly after veneer peeling to simultaneously monitor the veneer moisture and thickness via non-contact sensors. Detection of the veneer moisture level thus allows optimum control of the energy input on the dryer. The collected data can also be shown as trends.

Sine-wave guiding system veneer dryer

Quality non-stop

Sine-wave guiding system in the veneer dryer

The unique sine-wave guiding system reduces the waviness of the veneers even when drying wood species with an extremely high moisture content, making handling and processing of the plywood veneers better and easier. The carry and cover belts and the special sine-wave system ensure that the moist veneer sheets, which tend to become wavy, are dried smooth and flat. Belt dryers without sine-wave guiding systems sometimes face the problem of so-called "omega" dry veneers, i.e. deformed sheets that obstruct the run of the sheets and clog up the dryer. Such sheets are not suitable for further processing into plywood or LVL. In the sine-wave belt dryer there are no such stoppages, and waste can be minimized. Not least thanks to the high availability of the system, this also results in a better utilization in downstream production stages.


Conventional veneer drying

Conventional veneer drying

Belt dryers without sine-wave systems sometimes face the problem of so-called "omega" dry veneers. Such veneers are not suitable for further processing.

Veneer drying with sine-wave system

Veneer drying with sine-wave system

The special sine-wave guiding system between the carry and cover belts reduces the waviness of difficult-to-dry wood species.

Slicer for decorative veneer

Slicer for decorative veneer

Vertical veneer slicers have been developed in close cooperation with market leaders in the veneer production industry. They have proven themselves in the production of high-quality veneers.


An alternative to the slicer: Staylog. This has met industry demands with first-class solutions, such as the possibility of tilting and the adjustable bearing surface of the Staylog. Speeds up to 120 sheets/min are reached. The Staylog machine is available in various options up to a working width of 4 meters.


Grenzebach plants are in use for veneer production worldwide.


metres per minute is the stacking speed reached by our stacking and grading systems.


metres in length and 6 decks measures the worldwide longest veneer dryer, made by Grenzebach.


meters is the usual working width of our eight deck dryers.

Service for the wood industry

Our service for the wood industry


Construction and commissioning of a new veneer production line is only the first stage in a good customer relationship. Professional service in daily operation is just as important: We want your investment to be profitable without any interruption – that’s why our engineers are there for you with guidance and support over the entire lifecycle of the plant.

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Your contact person: Karl H. Aicher

Are you planning a new veneer drying line or would you like to optimise your veneer production? Call us or write us with your requirements. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Your contact person: Sebastian Fey

Are you planning a new veneer drying line or would you like to optimise your veneer production? Call us or write us with your requirements. We look forward to hearing from you.

Sebastian Fey