The project:

The challenge:

Developing an optimal process landscape for Würth's European logistics center and providing an automated guided vehicle (AGV) system.

How we tackled the challenge together with our customer:

Goods carriers travel along optimized routes between transfer stations in the shelf landscape and packing stations, including empties management.


Die FTF von Grenzebach sind personensicher unterwegs. Das System arbeitet in zwei Hallen. © Würth GmbH & Co. KG

The Grenzebach solution set:

  • Type L1200S-Li automated guided vehicles
  • Goods carriers, movable both with AGVs and manually
  • Grenzebach Fleet Manager (FMS) connected to the customer's ERP system and fire protection periphery
  • Transfer station as an interface to manual processes
  • Charging stations
  • Service package

Our customer benefited from

Guarantee periods

Free empties space will be restocked after ten minutes or less

Flexible customization

after initial commissioning in new buildings during production

Smooth integration

of the Grenzebach Fleet Manager into the existing software ecosystem

Reliable, highly available and long-lasting

intralogistics due to service package