What is casting and where is it used?

Casting manufacturing process

Casting is a manufacturing process which was already utilized in the Copper Age to produce casting parts from liquid, molten metal. During this process, metals are melted and then molded while still in a liquid state. This manufacturing process is still popular today due to its high reproducibility and good material utilization. From manhole covers to aircraft engines – castings find use in a wide variety of areas.

Choose Grenzebach to manufacture your industrial castings

  • 从最初的图纸到批量生产:从咨询、设计、铸造、加工到包装和供应,我们为您提供完整的服务,这正是您所需要的。
  • 从一个洲到另一个洲:在欧洲共同确定产品后,我们在中国为您生产。铸件按照欧洲和国际质量要求进行加工。
  • AZ的服务:我们的信念是,绘制完整的供应链意味着为您澄清每一个细节和每一个问题。无论您在哪里需要,您都能收到成品铸件。
  • 我们为您提供服务:多年来,自动化行业的知名客户一直信赖格林策巴赫:深厚的经验,赢得的信任。我们用我们的知识为您提供优势。

Our range of services: Supply chain from a single source

High-quality castings for individual and optimized serial production

Grenzebach selects the ideal casting process for customers and works together with numerous foundries.

We select the appropriate casting process for your component together with you. For years, we have been working with several foundries in China.

The casting parts are further processed in the machining centers.

In the Grenzebach machining center, the castings are given the right finishing touches. There, the cast product becomes a high-quality component.

Quality control of the casting parts is an essential step in the process for Grenzebach.

We carry out quality controls and inspections according to customer requirements. This involves individual part tracking with the production profile so that we can quickly follow up on deviations.

Grenzebach takes care of the entire logistics upon request.

Professional packaging and optimal delivery – that is just part of our job. You can rely on the fastest, most flexible transport possible – worldwide.




  • 咨询、优化和设计
  • 选择铸造工艺和材料咨询
  • 模拟和详细计算
  • 原型设计:用3D打印技术建造样品铸造模具。
  • 模具和模型制作


50 g - 17,000 kg


150 万件 铸件产品



30 mm - 6 m


7 days a week

We manufacture and machine on a three-shift system, for just-in-time deliveries and maximum availability.

The caste study compares casting parts and conventional machining of parts.

Casting parts vs. conventional machining of parts

Case Study

A new component, the motor flange, was developed for the further development of conveyor technology. Designers and product developers questioned how the new workpiece could be manufactured quickly, reliably and economically.

Casting or machining: Learn which manufacturing process delivers optimum quality at the lowest possible cost in our case study.




  • 自动化行业:齿轮箱法兰、导轨基架、夹具等。
  • 机器人:手臂、外壳、轴等。
  • 可再生能源:风力涡轮机的外壳、齿轮部件和轴承盖等。
  • 工程机械:滚轮、齿轮部件、盖子、连接部件等。
  • 农业技术:横梁、支架、壳体、连接件等。


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