Zone-Pick with Grenzebach

Zone picking is a process of warehouse management and commissioning in which an automated guided vehicle (AGV) assists employees. The AGV thereby supports and facilitates the process of picking goods within a warehouse or production facility. With the automated goods transport systems by Grenzebach, human labor is saved because warehouse employees profit from a reduced distance they must walk to pick products. Automated picking with AGVs makes workflows more effective and saves costs.

Zone picking with automated guided vehicles (AGVs)

Automated zone picking with AGVs enables warehouse and production operations to increase their efficiency and accuracy of goods distribution while reducing operating costs.

Zone-Pick refers to the division of the warehouse into zones, each containing specific products or product types. The operator remains stationary in a particular zone, and the automated guided vehicle (AGV) picks up the pickers' goods and moves them to the next station. The automated system assists with order commissioning, enabling faster picking and significantly reducing error rates.

Among other things, Grenzebach's solutions for zone picking include the following:

Automated guided vehicles for optimized zone-pick

Software that coordinates vehicle navigation

Goods carriers for easy and flexible accessibility

Peripherals such as loading and transfer stations

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Implement automated zone picking in your company with the automated guided vehicle systems from Grenzebach.