The automated guided vehicles by Grenzebach increase the efficiency of your in-house logistics and ensure a safe and smooth operational process. Learn more about our innovative products here.

Automated guided vehicles by Grenzebach




More autonomous, faster, and smarter -­ the OL1200S travels omnidirectionally and is equipped with intelligent sensing technology that can transport large components even in the smallest of spaces. This AGV boosts performance while saving space and costs. The goal here is to increase availability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness with large components and goods carriers.


The L1200S is the next generation of autonomous AGVs capable of transporting a variety of different load carriers up to 1.2 tons longitudinally or transversely and at speeds of up to 2m/s. The integrated personal safety sensor system makes it suitable for use in all in-house environments. Thanks to free outline navigation, this vehicle can be easily integrated into overall intralogistics solutions without protected areas.

L600 & L1200

The automated guided vehicles L600 and L1200 are mainly used in closed areas without people traffic and transports mobile goods carriers among others for order picking to multifunctional workstations. The low-profile design allows the transport of goods carriers with a lifting weight of up to 600 kg and maximizes storage space through optimized space utilization.

L600 & L1200

The FF1200S forklift truck was specially developed for transporting Euro pallets and is primarily used in automated goods transportation. The free contour navigation enables easy integration into overall intralogistics solutions. Due to the integrated personnel safety sensors, the forklift truck can be used in all internal environments.


Open intralogistics system with plenty of room for customization

“ We need to adapt our working environment on a regular basis. That's why we need an open, flexible system that we can adapt ourselves. We have only found such a solution at Grenzebach. ”


Management Technology König + Neurath

Landmarked building of the Swiss Post automated intelligently

“ Making logistical use of existing buildings in urban areas already offers many advantages that will increase in the future. Companies are moving ever closer to their customers in order to shorten the last mile. Intralogistics systems, such as those of Swiss Post, make this possible in the first place. This came about through the successful cooperation with Grenzebach. We see this as a milestone for the future of intralogistics. ”


Head of Project Management at Gilgen Logistics

Optimal picking of Würth goods for Europe

“ At Würth in Kupferzell, goods are handled for subsidiaries and shipments to end customers throughout Europe. To ensure that individual warehouses can be supplied according to their individual needs, consignments must be picked accordingly. Grenzebach supported Würth in designing and implementing an optimal utilization concept for their buildings. ”

Würth GmbH & Co. KG

When no two car orders are the same

“ No two cars are the same these days; models are made to order. The right seats and back seats must therefore be provided at the right time at the right place on the production line.


The 30 L1200S automated guided vehicles master this task in up to three shifts. Containers delivered by the supplier with the components to be transported are taken over directly to the delivery area for this purpose.

Frank Röske

Head of Logistics Planning Porsche Plant Porsche Werk

An intelligent fleet for the Audi A8

“ The manufacturing of the new Audi A8 in Neckarsulm follows the principles of the smart factory. The core piece for the intelligent process network consists of 30 Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs), type L1200S. They are integrated into the smart factory using the Fleet Manager and their main task is the timely supply of custom-fit components to the manufacturing islands. The integration of the L1200S happened during the current model change on double shift operation.


Audi AG Werk


We value sustainability and solutions with vision.

At Grenzebach, sustainability begins at the design stage. That is why we pay attention to recyclable components as early as the development stage of our systems. The Grenzebach take-back and recycling concept ensures legally compliant and sustainable disposal as well as high-quality recycling.


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