The Statistics data manager supports you in your entire logistics processes.

The dashboard offers a transparent display of all relevant data, with flexible customization of graphics and key figures. Central data management and visualization provide you with all the important information at a glance. Statistics also improves system diagnostics. With the statistical evaluation, errors and deviations can be detected and corrected quickly.

We offer you full flexibility: OnPremise and/or Cloud, intuitive web frontend for visualization and/or open interface (API) to retrieve the data. Technical data can bring great benefits to your company through targeted analyses and the resulting transparency. This allows you to optimize systems and processes and work more efficiently.


Your advantages

  • Comprehensible display with historical and real-time data
  • Support for planning, commissioning, and ramp-up phases of your systems
  • Overview of system availability and performance
  • Analysis and optimization of the facility and processes based on collected data

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