Dynamic cutting technology

Grenzebach’s cutting and breaking technology transforms the continuous glass ribbon into the format required. It allows you to cut glass to size with very minimal product loss.





Cutting technology lies at the heart of the cold end of a float glass production line. Combined with the breaking system, the cutting heads, force-regulated controls and an intelligent optimization system form a superbly efficient unit.



Cutting tool with integrated force sensor & CFC-250mag

Longitudinal and cross cutters with force-controlled cutting heads, which are adapted to handle thin, regular or thick glass, score the glass. Cutting pressure is applied precisely based on glass thickness and stress in the glass and by using closed-loop control.

Cutting bridges

The multi-longitudinal and cross cutters can make various formats, even with very small sheets of glass. By changing dynamically to different cutting bridges, formats are produced continuously without any interruptions.


We have a broad portfolio of solutions for cross, center or lengthwise breaks so that the edges are the best possible quality.

"At the same time, it’s up to you whether production is to focus on quality or quantity."

Markus Gruber, Senior Vice President Business Unit Glass

Defects in the glass ribbon, such as inclusions, bubbles or stones, force glass manufacturers to dispose of the cullet (waste glass) in a cullet bin. Depending on the roller pitch, the shortest cullet plate was 500 mm or 19 11/16 inches long. Thanks to Grenzebach’s short cullet plate system, this figure can be cut to 170 mm or 6 11/16 inches. This is possible because the cullet is disposed of directly after the break roller.


Combined with our digital float scan edge camera and look ahead cutting optimization system, we can offer function-rich cutting technology. All in the interests of superior precision, quality and yield.



Float Scan Edge FSE-d

The float scan edge system extends over the complete width of the glass ribbon - and detects with two single cameras constantly providing useful information:


  • Position of the glass ribbon and its outer edges
  • Glass ribbon drift and wander
  • Inner and outer edge position of the knurl marks
  • Evaluation of the knurl mark width
  • Evaluation of the gross and net glass ribbon width
  • Optical distortion in position and expansion of the top roller and edge


FSE-d can be directly integrated into the digital system by means of the SERICY. The IIoT platform developed in-house and the supplied information are directly useful for product optimization and reporting. FSE-d provides more accurate function of the cutting technology, which is the core of the cold end of the float glass production line with numerous added values: higher yield, higher quality, easier processes, further networking and more data safety.


Lower workloads, higher availability

New control and operating concept

Our high-performance solution can plan production, manage orders and guarantee that all processes are ones that are efficient and can be counted on.


Plant operation and control system


Our service for the glass industry

Construction and commissioning of a new glass production line is only the first stage in a good customer relationship. Professional service in daily operation is just as important: We want your investment to be profitable without any interruption – that’s why our engineers are there for you with guidance and support over the entire life cycle of the plant.

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Other solutions



As a glass manufacturer, a stable production process is more important than ever these days. Grenzebach’s inspection and measurement procedures stand for advanced control methods and top product quality.

Stacking technology

Stacking technology

For the glass line’s stacking process to work well, it relies on a good sorting process. We can develop a smart system for you so that conveying and stacking are a class act. The right number of stackers at maximum capacity is required to deliver a highly accurate and scratch-free result.