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The current situation is presenting us all with new challenges. Challenges that are defining working environments and making us rethink processes. Digital solutions tap into new dimensions and open up opportunities. Which is why we'd like to engage with you to embark on new digital paths at the Global Gypsum Conference.


In times like these in particular, it's our priority as a lifecycle partner to protect and optimize your long-term success by providing the best-possible services.


Your company’s success in tomorrow’s world is the focus of everything we do today. Discover our services and digital solutions:


Digitalization and the gypsum industry: two worlds and one future

Digitalization is advancing at a rapid pace. Therefore, when it comes to making your production processes even better and more efficient, we can provide stimuli, ideas and solve problems with digital solutions. We work on digital solutions for the gypsum industry with our Grenzebach digital colleagues.



We consider ourselves a partner on the route to digitalization.

We’d like to sound out the added value and potentials of digitalization and ensure our customers can harness these in the long term.


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Our vision – a transparent value chain

Every day, valuable data are generated along your value chain, which, until now, had no impact on the work you do. But it's data that offer exceptional potential to make your production processes more efficient and better quality and allow you to save resources.


“Our long-term goal is to make capturing and analyzing your process data easier. We'd like to obtain data that allow you to continue to exploit your production potential. By intelligently linking the systems, we want to make your value chain more transparent.”

Christian Gärtner, Sales Manager Gypsum Technology


The start of a digital future

For the first time, experts Alexander Beck and Martin Zanker will give you a glimpse of digital solutions for the gypsum industry at the virtual Global Gypsum Conference. Find out about the smart apps that will ensure your production processes perform better and more efficiently today already.


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October 28th, 2020 at  10:35 - 11:00 am: “IIoT in production lines - Improvement of production efficiency through digitization”  Martin Zanker Head of Sales and Alexander Beck Projekt Manager, Grenzebach digital


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We can talk to you digitally or face-to-face and incorporate your requirements and preferences in our developments.

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Grenzebach is your partner, all along the line:

When we develop and commission a new gypsum line, you have a partner you can count on. Because your success is what motivates us. We want your investment to be consistently profitable – which is why our engineers are there to provide support throughout your line’s whole lifecycle.




Our services focus on the challenges you face. Our aim is to minimize our customers’ planned and unplanned downtime and to maintain value for longer. So our technicians work constantly on solutions to ensure your line is state of the art at all times.


Please find a selection of upgrade services below:

  • HMI Upgrade

    Forward-looking upgrades of your hardware and software components ensure continuous, stable and effective production. Our Upgrade-Package includes:

    •  > Provision of new hardware
    •  > Update of the operating system
    •  > Update of the Siemens programming software
    •  > Commissioning service
  • Frequency converter retrofit

    In contrast to direct-driven fans with throttle and vane controllers, variable-frequency systems with frequency converters provide for energy-efficient speed control. Profit from a controlled AC voltage regulation adapted to the fan's power requirements.

    Your benefits:

    • > Energy savings
    • > Controlled system
    • > Less noise
    • > Smooth running
  • Control system upgrade

    Control systems of your plant must run safely and reliably. Prevent downtimes caused by obsolete technology with our Upgrade-Packages:

    • > Knife Control Upgrade
    • > Bundler Control Upgrade

We’d be happy to advise you about further upgrades for your line.

Just contact our service experts.

Virtual Reality - Explore your plant in a virtual space


Whether for training purposes or for planning your new individual production line - we can make your plant accessible in virtual reality. Experience your new machines realistically even before they have been built, or use the potential of virtual reality to train your employees in an early phase of commissioning.

Gaining a transparent know-how for maintenance services

Virtual reality offers your employees a brand-new training experience. They can practice routines in a virtual environment that simulates real-word conditions without any risk. As a result, staff can be trained in complex methods and processes without having set foot in the manufacturing area beforehand: We give you new training methods, starting with just exploring a gypsum line to changing cutting blades.


Your benefits:

  • > Better trained personnel
  • > Optimal maintenance performance 
  • > New dimension of know-how transfer
  • > Remote learning


Virtual Service Tutorial: Replacing cutting blades at the knife



Safe and Efficient Gypsum Production

With more than 300 complete plants supplied, Grenzebach supports its customers in the gypsum industry with production solutions tailored to their specific needs. Whether natural or synthetic gypsum, Grenzebach supplies turn-key plants and components.


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