Whirlwind Mill

Grinding at its finest

Perfect powder finesses start with the right mill

You want grinding processes that are gentle on the product and pulverize your bulk materials to optimum powder finenesses at maximum throughput rates? No matter what you are grinding – limestone, gypsum or other organic or inorganic materials – the whirlwind mill offers you the right grinding technology for all soft to medium-hard bulk materials.



We at Grenzebach understand that bulk materials are as individual as you are, we deliver our whirlwind mill in different sizes, with grinding tools configured for the product you want to grind. Our tailor-made mill concept combines ideal powder finenesses with excellent upper limits for grain size and narrow particle size distribution in a low-vibration, maintenance-friendly mill. We achieve this through a grinding principle that is gentle on the product with additional autogenous comminution of the particles themselves.


Thanks to our many years of experience with our whirlwind mill, we also have solutions available for special applications such as the defibration of paper or combined grinding and drying.



Benefit from direct user advantages oriented toward your long-term success:

Adjustable final finenesses:

The easy adjustment of the grinding upper housingp and the change of rotational speed mean you can flexibly adjust the grinding results, even when the raw material quality fluctuates.



With its small dimensions and lack of specific foundation requirements, the whirlwind mill can be optimally integrated into your existing plant complex.



Due to the screenless design of the whirlwind mill, users benefit from minimal cleaning effort.


Maximum service life:

With its integrated right-left run, the whirlwind mill lets you make optimal use of the service life of grinding tools and wear protection segments.

Material-friendly grinding process - the centerpiece of the whirlwind mill

“From planning to commissioning, we are your all-round partner. Whether you are planning a new plant complex or integrating new equipment into your existing production, with our many years of experience, we can offer you complete solutions from one source!"

Patrick Barthel, Sales Manager Process Technology

We listen when you tell us about your challenges.

A wide range of applications:

From grinding soft to medium-hard bulk materials to defibration of paper, the whirlwind mill covers a wide range of applications.


Discover some selected applications:


  • Limestone
  • Gypsum
  • Spices
  • And many more

If your bulk material is not mentioned here, please contact us! We can respond to your individual wishes and handle different materials under defined process conditions. We also have solutions for special applications, such as aroma-conserving cold grinding or combined grinding and drying.


Customized whirlwind mills for your individual bulk materials

When designing your mills, we consistently focus on your bulk materials to be processed and your desired final finenesses. We leave nothing to chance: bulk materials have different natural properties and therefore require different grinding processes. In a holistic approach, we at Grenzebach research your bulk materials in our own building materials laboratory in Bad Hersfeld. Following additional realistic tests in our technical center, we then design your customized whirlwind mill.


Process parameters of the whirlwind mill at a glance:

  • Throughput capacity ranging from 50 to 20,000 kg/h
  • Product temperatures up to 200 °C
  • Grinding of products up to Mohs hardness 5
  • Initial particle size feed up to 30mm

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At Grenzebach, we understand that different bulk materials require different grinding processes. So our additional mill program also covers the grinding of medium-hard to hard bulk materials.

We would be happy to be your process engineering contact for upstream and downstream process stages too.





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