Step-by-Step Processing of Bulk Materials

Grenzebach offers all process technology steps for any kind of bulk material or powder. We supply plants and equipment for thermal and mechanical processing.

Up to Heat Recovery

As a process technology supplier, we support our customers with design, modernization, assembly and commissioning of turnkey plants for powder and bulk materials processing. This naturally includes preliminary testing, inspection, dimensioning, setting, damage analysis and consultation.
We offer solutions for any kind of bulk material or powder:

  • High-temperature cooling
  • Heating, disinfection
  • Heat recovery
  • Calcination
  • Drying
  • Powder deaeration and compaction
  • Sifting
  • Fine and superfine grinding
  • Defibration of renewable raw materials for the manufacture of natural insulating materials and other products.

Our process technology solutions are also part of the Babcock BSH heritage.


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April 04 - 08, 2022
Process Technology

Grenzebach plants use waste heat efficiently - saving up to 15% of primary energy. This, in combination with space savings, helps reduce the overall plant size by up to 40% thanks to a clever combination of individual components.


hot bulk materials are cooled to below 40°C.