Getting it right the first time: an achievable goal in eCommerce.



The general challenge

Often eCommerce customers are experiencing high rework rates due to wrong picks, too few order lines per hour and increased staffing requirements especially challenging during peak times.


How we solved this challenge together with our customer:


Together with a global 3PL logistics provider – one of the leading companies in Europe – and its customer, a German workwear specialist, Grenzebach solved these challenges by implementing a holistic Grenzebach Goods-to-Person solution.


The Grenzebach solution set

  • 75 Grenzebach L600 Automated Guided Vehicles
  • Five Picking stations with Pick-by-light/Put-to-light system
  • 800 customer specific racks
  • Holistic safety concept
  • Customer-individual service agreement

Some of the benefits for our customer

  • Up to 100% inventory accuracy during the storage, retrieving and picking of their product
  • Transparent warehouse process due to a fully integrated software platform (WES and WMS)
  • Boost in pick-rates as staff uses a maximum of the working time for picking-process
  • Safer and more ergonomic working environment