You run faster in made-to-measure shoes. So does your logistics.



Off-the-peg solutions aren’t for you?
No problem: For specific requirements, we can engineer and manufacture customized Automated Guided Vehicles.


With Grenzebach AGVs, you always get a solution that exactly fits your needs – whether you must face an unconventional, difficult or hazardous production environment, cope with hot working conditions, handle toxic chemicals or even nuclear materials, or simply demand maximum cleanliness.


Just tell us what challenges need to be solved, and we’ll set up the appropriate equipment – no matter how difficult your operational conditions are or how demanding the specifications of your logistic tasks may be.


Design and technical development take place in close interaction with you, which guarantees that you get the right solution for your company: a tailor-made fleet of AGVs that unquestionably make you more productive.


Professionals you can trust.

With 650 highly qualified and specialized engineers, we are a reliable development partner who can collaborate with you on equal terms.

Some examples

  • Heavy-duty AGVs for loads such as engines, drive trains or aircraft modules 
  • Long-load AGVs for transport of oversized goods and production parts
  • AGVs for handling of sensitive IT infrastructure


Since our projects are customer-individualized, they’re top secret, so we can’t disclose any further details here, but we can tell you one thing: so far, all our customers have been highly satisfied with our solutions.





We live service.

Partnership and service that go the extra mile.

Our mission is to maintain your intralogistics solution at a high level of availability. We want you to stay flexible for changing requirements. View us as a sparring partner who offers service that goes the extra mile and ensures added value for your plant.

We Service