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Seamlessly functioning intralogistics is the be-all and end-all for trading and manufacturing companies that want to stay competitive. Automation is the key.


Grenzebach intralogistics solutions literally keep your business moving forward. By automating your systems and processes we help you grow and remain competitive even in a changing technical and social environment.


Our approach: holistic solutions that are configured to your needs – including hardware, software and service. Trust our 60 years of experience in the automation of industrial processes: whatever we do, we do it for the right reasons and in the right way.

An additional benefit for you: we manufacture our complete AGV systems in our own production plant and can therefore promise top industrial quality.



Why you should automate with Grenzebach?

  • As an independent, family-owned company we provide direct access to your contact person.
  • Some 650 engineers mean we have lots of innovative power and provide rapid prototyping.
  • Our experience with numerous Blue Chip/Fortune 100 customers around the world contributes to the perfect solution for you.
  • Manufacturing and Service locations on three continents mean we're available worldwide to provide global customer service by experts.




Solutions, that keep your business moving forward:



Goods-to-Person solutions


Work should be productive, and that includes logistics.
Machine intelligence by Grenzebach can make a decisive contribution to productivity in order picking.


Goods-to-Person solutions >


Automated Goods Transport solutions


Production environments are becoming increasingly complex. Their handling doesn’t have to be: our automation solutions help your plant become a Smart Factory.


Automated Goods Transport solutions >


Customized solutions


Off-the-peg solutions aren’t for you? No problem:
For specific requirements, we can engineer and manufacture customized Automated Guided Vehicles.


Customized solutions >





  • Minimization of risks for your employees
  • Observance of safety regulations
  • Consideration of ergonomic factors
We live service.

Partnership and service that go the extra mile.

Our mission is to maintain your intralogistics solution at a high level of availability. We want you to stay flexible for changing requirements. View us as a sparring partner who offers service that goes the extra mile and ensures added value for your plant.

We Service

Latest intralogistics news

GEODIS relies on Grenzebach AGV solutions

GEODIS relies on Grenzebach AGV solutions

Goods-to-Person pilot program for a large consumer electronics customer shows “tremendous results”

Grenzebach contributes to award-winning intralogistics at Porsche in Leipzig

Grenzebach contributes to award-winning intralogistics at Porsche in Leipzig

Porsche‘s production plant in Leipzig was awarded the Logistics Award by the German Association of the Automotive Industry. A Grenzebach Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) solution for Automated Goods Transport is part of the logistics concept.

Creativity, passion, and team spirit lead to opportunities during the crisis

Creativity, passion, and team spirit lead to opportunities during the crisis

Together with committed partners Grenzebach brings the LogiMAT show to Hamlar. Enthusiastic feedback and great media response to the (digital) trade fair motivate others.

Digitization platform


Accelerate processes.
Reduce costs.
Increase profit.


The autonomous IIoT platform with an integrated development engine


Digitally integrated intralogistics

With SERICY Grenzebach offers an IIoT platform based on a highly flexible micro services architecture. The modular platform includes apps preconfigured for intralogistics that enable a holistic digitization. As a result, you are able to monitor, control and optimize your logistics in a transparent and reliable way while your developers can fully focus on their core process. If desired, you can additionally use our development environment to adapt existing software modules independently and specifically for your needs or to develop further ones from scratch. Thus, your data and know-how remain safe and secure with you.


  • SERICY brings the process data of all machines together to use in all departments within the company.
  • SERICY links the historical information system of the company by using standardized interfaces.
  • SERICY contains reusable micro services that can be adapted quickly and easily for customer specific automation solutions.
  • SERICY can be used on-premise, in a private cloud or cloud and is arbitrarily scalable due to its architecture.






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