Stacking technology - good stacking means better glass

For the glass line’s stacking process to work well, it relies on a good sorting process.





Grenzebach offers best-in-class technologies to guarantee precise stacking at the end of the glass lines.


  • Sheets of glass can be simply removed by hand or by using a fully automatic stacker
  • for small, mid-size, large and extra-extra-large glass sheets of up to 24 meters or 26 yards
  • and weighing up to 3 tons or 6613 pounds.


The sheets of glass can be removed from the tin or air side, from several levels – tiers and drops, statically or picked on the fly. Single or dual pick options ensure greater efficiency. The smart combination of two stackers, which can be used singly or as a pair for extra-long sheets, allows fully flexible production.



"We can develop a smart system for you so that conveying and stacking are a class act. What’s required is the right number of stackers at maximum capacity to deliver a highly accurate and scratch-free result."

Peter Seidl, Product Manager, Grenzebach Maschinenbau GmbH

Grenzebach handling equipment

The Grenzebach portfolio has a large variety of handling equipment, ranging from


  • portal stackers,
  • swing stackers,
  • direct stackers,
  • under-table stackers
  • and robot technology.


Various combinations of handling equipment and platforms are possible, too. And it’s all adapted to cope with the subsequent material flow.





Integrated production logistics

Want to interconnect stations on the glass production line, create links from the cold end to the warehouse or from the production line to temporary storage space? As far as we’re concerned, the sky’s the limit.


The factory of the future will revolve around automation concepts that learn as they go along. Traditional conveying technology will grow to increasingly embrace modern robotics and automatic guided vehicles (AGVs), which are autonomous and boast a high level of availability. Automatic guided vehicles enable sustainable flexibility of processes. For example, our software also allows route planning of forklifts and AGVs. Grenzebach increases efficiently by guaranteeing that the right products are in the right place at the right time.





Our service for the glass industry

Construction and commissioning of a new glass production line is only the first stage in a good customer relationship. Professional service in daily operation is just as important: We want your investment to be profitable without any interruption – that’s why our engineers are there for you with guidance and support over the entire life cycle of the plant.

More about our after-sales service

Other solutions

Digitalization platform

Digitalization platform

We’re offering glass manufacturers the opportunity to revolutionize their value creation processes. Industry 4.0 creates ecosystems where data-based solutions facilitate glass production in tomorrow’s world. The SERICY IIoT platform lies at the heart of digital glass production.

Annealing lehr

Annealing lehr

The annealing process is a decisive factor for quality, productivity, and efficiency. With our innovative systems, you can keep it fully under control: the latest technological control applications monitor your process at all times, prevent production losses and help to minimize downtime. This way, they ensure a maximum return on investment.