Glass coating technology for that functional and attractive finish.

Glass plays a pivotal role in delivering a healthy indoor climate in homes and workplaces. It fulfills people’s needs for interiors that are light, cozily warm or pleasantly cool. All of us encounter glass hundreds of times every day and it helps foster that feel-good factor. Producing glass is a complex process and collaborating with you to improve it is something we do with a passion.



Coating technology. Or the feel-good factor.

Letting the sun in lights up an office, home or architecture. Absorbing or reflecting the sunlight away keeps interiors at a pleasant temperature. Glass controls how bright rooms are, but does much more than that, it creates an atmosphere. This aspect should be very important to us, because, after all, we spend about 80 per cent of our time indoors nowadays.

Glass adds to our quality of life and standard of health, makes us feel comfortable and safe. Glass is an energy-efficient component and a practical possibility of protecting the climate. High-performance glass means that homes and workplaces require less heating and air conditioning. The right product is turned into glass facades or roofs to virtually flood whole buildings with natural light but keeps heat out at the same time. Glass that offers protection from the sun isn’t just good for human beings. It also preserves the condition of furniture, floorings and works of art indoors.


These are all aspects that stem from the unbeatable performance of coatings applied in the coater. Due to their composition, the coatings are so temperature stable that the sheets of glass can be bent or turned into safety glass at high temperatures. Glass can be energy efficient, environmentally friendly, spectacular and safe. In terms of functionality and appearance, it helps define buildings. And we provide innovative technology so that you can customize the glass in your environment to suit your requirements.



Urbanization, a huge trend

Architectural glass showcases buildings. Grenzebach’s PVD coating technology turns the raw material into an energy-efficient component. PVD large-area glass coating is a core technology that meets requirements in terms of functionality and appearance.

Grenzebach provides turnkey equipment for the entire coating process and materials handling. We’re the only supplier when it comes to fully automatic and customized coater solutions that can produce thermal insulation and solar control layers on glass. And of course, service for the PVD coaters installed worldwide is part of the package. Three decades of experience mean we know coaters inside and out.


stands for physical vapor deposition.

This is a process where laser beams, magnetically deflected ions or electrons and arc discharge vaporize the material known as the target. The result is a pure, metallic surface without any contaminants, which is a must in order for coatings to stick properly.




From solar control to high-end Low-E coating systems

Our fully automatic PVD coaters allow the production of state-of-the-art coating systems ranging from solar control to high-end Low-E coating systems. The coaters can also apply all types of coating destined for exclusive products. Examples include


  • dielectric (electrically insulating) materials such as Si3N4 or TiO2
  • to ultra-thin metal and blocker layers like Ag and NiCr
  • all the way to special coatings for use in displays or the solar industry such as transparent, conductive layers (ITO, ZnO, ZnMgO).


Our PVD systems are designed to deliver anything customers could possibly want in terms of coating.



Future-proof lab coater

Our new coating lab’s main purpose is to create products for tomorrow’s world. The lab was custom built to carry out experiments and tests in order to develop and adapt glass coating technology. The jumbo glass coater is deal for research and development and all lab application requirements. It’s one of the world’s few lab coaters that can operate on substrates that are up to 3.4 meters or approx. 11.15 foot long. The coaters can also apply all types of coating destined for exclusive products.

Coating-Lab bei Grenzebach in Hamlar



Digitalization platform


Our technological developments and services are geared to achieving these goals in your company. We exploit the enormous potential of digitalization to boost the quality and efficiency that our equipment and automated processes have already achieved.

Enter next level

Integrated control

An integrated control concept takes coating-line productivity and efficiency to a new level – a benchmark for all the coating and handling machinery. Interlinking production steps, as well as tracking and analyzing machine parameters, are what make needs-based maintenance and therefore longer service lives possible in the first place. We’ll liaise with you to shift to flexible maintenance and cleaning based on actual requirements. Downtime and coating costs drop while productivity rises. We generate added value for customers paired with maximum flexibility.




Our service for the glass industry

Construction and commissioning of a new glass production line is only the first stage in a good customer relationship. Professional service in daily operation is just as important: We want your investment to be profitable without any interruption – that’s why our engineers are there for you with guidance and support over the entire life cycle of the plant.

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