Tooling technology

Tooling is essential

Regardless of the application: Besides the system technology, tooling is critical for the welding process and therefore the success of FSW. The wear-resistant and robust FSW tools are developed exclusively by Grenzebach’s experts according to specific requirements . With a holistic approach, nothing is left to chance. Regarding the tool, one has to differentiate between the one-piece (conventional) and the multi-part tools (DynaSTIR) in friction stir welding, both of which are featured in our portfolio!


Process development for the specific customer application as well as provision of customized tools is part of our holistic approach.


  • Welding system, process parameters and welding tool are optimally matched which creates the best possible connection quality.
  • We assign highest priority to a close cooperation with the customer during the design of the joining concept.
  • Already during the design phase of components, Grenzebach supports the FSW-compliant design of the module.
  • Test and prototype welding as well as contract manufacturing orders are possible on the proprietary FSW systems of Grenzebach.

The DynaSTIR tools enable extremely gentle and filigree processing of materials.

  • Reduction of process forces by up to 50 percent

  • Thin sheet applications with material thicknesses < 1.0 mm possible

DynaSTIR tooling technology

  • Two-piece welding tool with rotating pin and non-rotating shoulder
  • Shoulder slides without rotation over weld
  • Significantly reduced process forces
  • High track dynamics
  • Parameter setting of pin and shoulder can be changed separately
  • Shoulder geometry adaptable to joint geometry
  • Low heat input
  • Individual exchange of pin and shoulder possible
  • Welding penetration depth variably adjustable

Conventional tooling technology

  • One-piece rotating welding tool
  • Ideally suitable for high speed of welding and high penetration depths

Welding tools have a significant impact on the welding quality. We develop the tools according to customer requirements.

  • Project specific selection and customization

  • Welding penetration depth for Al alloys up to 8 mm

  • Welding speed up to 3m/min in serial production