FSW CAD/CAM Professional

Quickly to the finished welding program

The programming software developed especially for the friction stir welding processes facilitates creating a welding program for the user. In addition to programming the welding path and FSW-process parameters, control of clamping fixtures and components can also be programmed in the CAD/CAM environment.


  • Programming is done offline on a separate PC which prevents blocking the system. 
  • The finished welding program can then be easily entered into the DSM machine control system through a USB or network connection.
  • Import of 3D models
  • Selecting the geometry, defining the weld path in the 3D model
  • Easy modification of the path geometry (move path points and segments and interpolation of transitions)
  • Defining FSW process parameters and changing individual path points and segments
  • Collision warning for tools and components
  • Reachability check (i.e. can the kinematics basically reach the line)
  • Possibility to import different friction tool geometries.
  • Creation and administration of a tool data base
  • Documentation function / traceability of parameter or weld path changes

The programming software allows the insertion of numerous action points in the welding path.

The control of up to 64 clamping elements or sensor queries becomes possible.