6-axis-FSW robot systems of the DSR series

Highly flexible for 3D

With robot-assisted Friction Stir Welding systems, Grenzebach has opened up completely new applications of the FSW technology, already supporting numerous applications in industrial 24/7 series production.


  • The combination of the active force control with the robot kinematics not only enables full 3D capability of friction stir welding, but also allows for welding out of position, e.g. overhead or transverse positioning.

  • With our specific CAD/CAM programming system, even complex welding paths and parameters can be mastered.

  • To ensure excellent process stability, Grenzebach relies on a higher-level process and plant control so that continuous monitoring, adaptation and logging of the relevant parameters are possible.


As an experienced system integrator and supplier of Friction Stir Welding equipment, Grenzebach delivers turnkey FSW solutions. 


  • Layout
  • Welding tools
  • Clamping systems
  • Safety concepts
  • Project management
  • Field testing
  • Prozess optimization


Training, production support, remote maintenance and service complement our portfolio and ensure plant and process stability.

Two workstations for cycle-time concurrent loading ensure efficiency in production.

  • High flexibility

  • Ideal for small series

  • Full 3D capability

Maximum of flexibility

  • Welding speed: up to 2 m/min
  • Working range DSR2000: R=1,295 mm – 2,675 mm (X/Y level) Z=3,371 mm
  • Max. axial force: 8,000 N
  • Max. radial force: 5,000 N
  • Max. welding head rotation speed: 6,000 rpm
  • Accuracy (in the process): < +/- 1 mm