Quality Cast from One Mold

When it comes to casting parts Grenzebach dominates the whole spectrum: Since 2007, we manufacture casting parts from all materials and process components for their use in robots and machinery. We make highly sophisticated molds.

Casting parts with the finishing touch

From cast iron to steel casting to aluminum cast and forged parts: Grenzebach manufactures high-quality industrial casting parts for technical equipment. The casting parts are used in special machinery within the automation industry, such as industrial robots or machine tools. The parts are given the finishing touches at the Grenzebach machining center. 

For many years now we have worked side by side with reputable customers within the automation industry who profit from our experience with casting methods, processing, production, surface treatments and quality control. Our supply chain lets us choose from different types of castings to satisfy the demand for casting parts that are ready for installation and processed in accordance with the European and international quality requirements. 

We also design and build molds and models tailored to the needs of our customers for both individual and optimized serial production of high-grade casting parts. We strive for short lead times and increased value.

More Information

Casting parts for high-tech applications: Grenzebach processes iron, aluminum, steel and forging parts.

10,000 tons of cast

Grenzebach processes per year. The casting parts range in size from 30 mm to 6 m with weights between 50 g and 5,000 kg.