Digital Opportunities

Thinking gypsum production processes further

Identifying digital opportunities

Faultless, high-quality processes are the key to your success. Processes need to be transparent so that you can monitor and secure their performance. Integrating digital solutions into your production processes means that you can capture relevant data in a digital way and make them more transparent.



How can you benefit from that?

Manual data capture can be digitized. That eliminates errors in data entry or copying. Correct data are available instantly for evaluation and analysis. Necessary action can be taken without delay. That makes production more efficient.

Using digital potentials already today

Using apps has become part of our daily routines, so why not use them in production processes as well? With our smart apps we want to offer you simple, user-friendly digital solutions that provide your production operators with relevant data and information whenever and wherever necessary. Instead of recording data manually on paper, you can capture data digitally already today with these apps. Smart apps enable your users to be more mobile and flexible and benefit from more efficient processes.


Our smart apps with digital added value

Start your digital transformation step by step with our portfolio of individual ready-to-use apps from our SERICY IIoT platform. Combine our modules according to your needs and preferences and digitize your value chain yourself. Our system is scalable and modular, allowing you to always stay flexible and open for extensions with new apps and microservices.


Recorder App

The Recorder App is a multifunctional data capture tool. With customized input masks you can define yourself where and how in your value chain the Recorder App shall be used. That makes the Recorder App suitable for use almost everywhere:


Possible fields of application:

  • Incoming goods/Outgoing goods
  • Slurry testing at the mixer
  • Sample board measurement at the knife
  • Evaluation of cut edges at the bundler
  • Board dimension checks on the stacking table



  • Individually defined data fields
  • File uploads (pictures etc.)
  • Direct, automatic evaluation in accordance with criteria defined by yourself
  • Digital data capture instead of manual recording on paper
  • Fewer potential sources of error in data capture
  • Fast data exchange

Mobile Documentation App:

The Mobile Documentation App provides you with all data when and where you need it. A QR code on the machine gives you direct access to all data relating to it. That saves you valuable time. You can also add and synchronize details, such as notes and comments.



  • Eco-friendly – no paper
  • User-friendly – quick access to necessary information
  • Device-independent – works with any mobile device

Digital spare parts catalogue

With our digital spare parts catalogue you can find your spare parts even faster. The clear catalogue structure and available 3D and 2D drawings help you to quickly and precisely identify components and spare parts. Via the shopping cart function you can select the required parts and send your request to our Service team right away.



  • Easy parts identification with 3D / 2D drawings
  • Available around the clock, independent of office hours
  • Streamlined ordering processes

Collaboration App

Via our new Collaboration App we can assist you no matter where and when you need us, and we can take a direct look at your installation together with you via a live video chat. Our experts can guide you audiovisually through troubleshooting processes and provide graphical annotations to find solutions to existing issues. Get virtual access to our expert know-how when you need it.



  • Faster troubleshooting through precise diagnostics
  • Real-time exchange of information
  • Device-independent
  • No need to install software on the mobile device
  • More efficient service processes – link-up with "digital" know-how

Overcome the biggest challenges in digitalization

Our modular IIoT-Platform SERICY enables you to digitize your production and supply chain yourself within a very short time:


>> Discover SERICY’s unique IT architecture.

Shaping the future together

Join us in discovering new ways of optimizing business processes.


We want to respond to your needs in the best possible way, and we believe that perfect results are obtained through teamwork. Shape the digital transformation phase together with us and make your needs and requirements part of our development activities.


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