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The project:

In close cooperation with Tambour, Israel's leading company in the paint and construction industry, Grenzebach mastered this challenge by implementing the urgently needed HMI (Human Machine Interface) upgrade of the software and hardware 100 percent remotely.

The Grenzebach Solution Package:

  • Complete revamp concept for the existing HMI to virtual servers
  • Configuration, installation and commissioning without downtime
  • Software update, including all license updates with the latest version
  • Hardware update with client PCs and associated equipment
  • Pre-configuration and test operation of the complete application on Grenzebach's site
  • Remote configuration of the customer's virtual server for HMI upgrade
  • Shipping of the hardware to Israel
  • Remote installation of the HMI
  • Remote instruction of Tambour staff via chat, audio and video channels
  • Integration of external vendors' devices into the new application
  • Seamless connection to external usages of production data (like MES systems)

Some of the benefits for our customer

Implementation during ongoing Operation

without any downtime and commissioning times due to seamless migration from the old to the new HMI.

100 Percent Remote Installation

of the application in Israel via remote access by pre-configuring and testing the hardware and software in Germany.

High Availability

thanks to the use of the latest visualization software and hardware, integration of external machines, and minimized risk of plant failures.

Immediate Usage

due to an identical user interface; no new operator training is required.

Commitment and cooperation are convincing: Tambour consciously chose the German automation specialist over a local supplier when looking for a service partner. The previous cooperation and the close personal exchange with Grenzebach convinced the Israeli company.

After Sales Service Gypsum at Tambour Israel

“More than 4,000 kilometers lie between Haifa and Bad Hersfeld. Every time I use our new HMI software, I still find it hard to believe what Grenzebach and Tambour have accomplished together over this distance during the last three months. Before the upgrade, we were struggling with more and more failures. However, the current pandemic made on-site service impossible. Without further ado, Grenzebach prepared the software and hardware for us in Germany. We installed the applications here on-site in close cooperation. The service team installed the software remotely. First, I thought it would be impossible. But Grenzebach demonstrated that it was indeed possible!”


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Shay Leibovich Construction Project Manager at Tambour, Israel

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