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Insulation materials

Insulation materials made from mineral wool, wood fiber, and cellulose help to boost the energy efficiency of buildings. Whatever type of insulation material you need: Grenzebach supplies the production technology. Our systems help you do everything - from manufacture through to processing and finishing. We supply individual components as well as complete production lines.

From planning to implementation: Grenzebach supplies complete production lines for innovative products from raw panels manufacturing to warehouse. Our customers value the solid, user-friendly technology and the high degree of automation. Grenzebach possesses the know-how of an internationally active equipment manufacturer, also encompassing consulting, engineering, and project management services - a real boon for the insulation materials industry.

Drying and handling equipment insulation materials

Drying and handling technology for a variety of building materials applications, such as acoustic ceiling tiles, are just as much part of the Grenzebach range as are special processing solutions for value-added products. We are well-versed in high performance lines with a special focus on efficiency and availability as well as the integration of already available equipment.

The building materials industry values Grenzebach's production technology since we are able to respond to individual requirements.

Drying equipment

Our product range includes single and multi-level driers for drying various building materials: longitudinally vented, transversely vented, with rollers or band screens, with energy saving systems. We also offer drying tests and extensive investigation of raw materials as well as of semi-finished and finished products in our laboratory and technical centre.

Handling equipment

We implement customer-specific product requirements. Various transport and conveyor systems are perfectly combined and adapted to the requirements of individual production processes at Grenzebach - everything from a single source. Our range of products: Feeder systems, conveyor systems, process technology like cutting, trimming or formatting, stacking, palletising and packaging systems.

Automation and control systems

Customized mechanical solutions combined with efficient control systems enable you to significantly improve the productivity and quality while retaining economic viability and functionality at the same time. Integrating existing or customer-supplied equipment and processes into safety systems, formulation and order management, as well as linking to customer's ERP systems are a matter of course.

Mineral wool production

Complete production line

Panels and mats, laminated or unlaminated with fleece, film, paper, with or without coating - when it comes to the manufacture and processing of mineral wool, Grenzebach offers the full range.

Mineral wool production

Raw material bunker

Cupola furnace

Spinning machine

Exhaust air cleaning

Collection drum

Pendulum unit

Compression unit

Curing oven

Cooling zone

Exhaust system

Recycling plant

Trim line

Receiving bunk


Board line

Roll line

Mineral wool production - hot end

Hot End

The mineral wool itself is manufactured in the hot-end section, which includes everything from raw material handling to cooling of the endless mineral wool strand:

  • Raw material handling and treatment systems
  • Batch feeding systems
  • Cupola furnaces with heat recovery and thermal waste gas incineration
  • Binder systems
  • Spinning machines
  • Drum collectors
  • Pendulum units
  • Compression units
  • Curing ovens with thermal waste gas incineration system
  • Cooling zones
  • Plant control systems with process visualization
Mineral wool production - cold end

Cold End

In the cold-end section, the mineral wool strand is processed and finished to produce marketable end products that are packed and palletized:

  • Sawing
  • Stacking
  • Packing
  • Palletizing

Production of wood fiber insulation panels

Complete production line

Ecofriendly insulation materials have never been more in demand. Grenzebach supplies all the technology you need to manufacture insulation panels from defibrated woodchips or sawing residue.